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Billy and the GOAT

Billy Yancey
Host Billy Yancey is a caring father, mentor and friend here to motivate and empower you to find a better life. No matter how far you have fallen, with God, you can get up and thrive.
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When in doubt, in joy, in fear, in calamity, in pain, in sorrow, in happiness.....PRAY!
November 27, 2023 - 21 min
One of the most powerful blessings bestowed on us from God was our ability to pray, and His power to answer our prayers. Unfortunately, many do not know the power of prayer. Although I had not always prayed when I was growing up, I do so earnestly today. There are a number of times throughout my life where prayer was an absolute necessity; attempted suicide, injuries, surgeries, DUI, drugs, fighting, cheating, reckless behavior, and much more. My son, William’s birth, was another time to pray. Our community and beyond prayed for Baby William. Despite doctors promising doom if we did not terminate his existence, William walks, talks, goes to high school, and enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and bowling immensely.  God always gives us more than we ask for. I pray lots, and I am blessed beyond measure. I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!  Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Minister Imani says, "If I approach my moral failures the right way, I can use them as assets."
November 10, 2023 - 68 min
Minister Imani D. Mitchell, born to Rev. Marlow L. Mitchell and Pamela D. Mitchell, she is the youngest and only daughter of three children. She was educated in Maryland’s Baltimore County public school system, and she is a proud alumnus of Claflin University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing; Drexel University, where she successfully completed her Master of Science degree in Public Communication; and Virginia Union University, where she earned her Master of Divinity degree from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology. As the CEO of I.M.Faith Coaching, Imani serves as a certified life coach and is passionate about developing intentional and authentic relationships that tend to her clients’ whole person and transformational goals. Her experience extends to both private sector and public service clients in the focus areas of personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. Licensed to preach the gospel in April 2022, she is committed to marrying per passion with purpose as she leans in to faith formation through wholistic ministry, attending to the emotional, spiritual and mental health of God’s people. Imani is a child of God, doing His will by coaching, teaching and preaching. Her future is bright! I am Billy Yancey.  God is THE GOAT! Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Pastor Kelly says, “OBEY WITHOUT DELAY!”
November 3, 2023 - 49 min
My guest today is someone many of you have seen and heard on social media, as well as bringing the gospel all over the world!  Pastor Kelly K is a husband, father, pastor, author, and evangelist. He has been in full-time ministry for over 10 years and has helped thousands of people come to know Jesus through his messages of love, forgiveness, repentance, and salvation. Before coming to Jesus, Kelly K was a musician and tour manager for some of the biggest rock bands in the world. After a near-death car crash while out on tour, Kelly gave up everything and turned to Jesus. He never looked back. Now he travels the world with a different purpose: to see the lives of everyone he encounters changed through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Kelly's vision is to see as many people as possible learn, understand, and receive the TRUE freedom, peace, and joy in Jesus Christ while on this earth that the Bible promises we can have. His ministry is fueled by the desire to see people's lives changed radically by encountering Jesus personally. He wants to see people set free from the chains of depression, addiction, and the mentality of, "I'll never be good enough." Ultimately, Kelly K Ministries wants everyone of every age and race to get on fire for Jesus, burn bright, and share that fire as far and wide as possible. Kelly's mission is to spread the message of Jesus' love and to help people experience this love in their lives through social media, writing books, and speaking at churches and events all over the world. The overarching theme behind Kelly K's mission is, "Watch what Jesus can do through YOU!" Jesus sent us all on a mission to tell the world about Him. Kelly K takes this assignment seriously and won't stop until there is no one left to tell. I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT! Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Do NOT love the world. LOVE GOD!!!
October 25, 2023 - 23 min
I was an only child with a huge heart, good manners, respectful, kind, smart, energetic, and good spirit. Things went awry when I got immersed in the world. Worldly ways will ruin you. God’s goods, named William Yancey, were tampered. I distinctly remember telling myself that “I will never take, drink, or ingest anything that will alter my body or mindset.” I LIED! Alcohol, drugs, premarital sex, pornography, hard music, and profanity changed me. For years, I was a runway train. Thank God for His Grace and mercy. “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.”-1 John 2:15 NIV                            I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT! Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
My Son's Miracle: God Saved His Life!
October 18, 2023 - 12 min
How would you feel if your child was born 14 weeks early, weighed 1 LB-14OZS, and the doctor urged you to “let them go”? That’s what we were told when William was born. Faith ain’t easy, but it’s necessary. Keep the faith! "For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37 I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT! Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Counting It All Joy: Finding Consolation in Trials
October 10, 2023 - 33 min
In 2019, I was driving on my way home back from taking my son, William, to see the Golden State Warriors play the Washington Wizards AND meet his hero, Steph Curry. I was heading into my second divorce, and a buddy of mine that I was talking to introduced me to scripture that was brand new to me. This altered my perspective. It was consoling. He said, “Count it all joy.” I was like what!? This blew me away. Accomplishments and trials will come. Stand fast, brothers and sisters!   “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”-James 1:2-4 NKJV                                     I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT! Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
I never knew I could find Peace in the graveyard.
October 4, 2023 - 19 min
Life is not easy, but conquerable with God, the Almighty. No matter the situation, stress involved, or obstacles encountered, Jesus Christ provides calm. My Uncle Randall Robinson passed away on 24 Mar 2023. It was a blow to the world, especially our family. He was legendary. Founding and leading the lobbyist group, Trans Africa, to help stop apartheid in South Africa was one of his many accomplishments. In spite of being stressed out about the death of my uncle, leaving my son, William, as well as my business going unattended for a week, I found peace in St. Kitts at the funeral. It was at the most interesting time and place. I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT! Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
My Faith, My Rock: Conversation with Deacon Evelyn Brown
September 26, 2023 - 50 min
My guest today, I am very fond of and love dearly. She is Deacon Evelyn Brown, born in Macon, Georgia LIVING CLOSE TO THE LATE AND INFAMOUS….(we’ll let her share that legendary person).. She spent the first 15 years of her life in Macon, Georgia, before relocating to Cleveland, OH. A graduate of John Adams High School, then Programming and Systems Institute Technical, Deacon began her 28-1/2 year career with AT&T as a tape librarian. She reminds us that “technology back then was not as sophisticated as today. Data was stored on magnetic tapes, microfilm, paper tape, disk drives and punched paper cards!” All of which I remember well. Today,  it’s all stored in THE CLOUD. My my my, how times have changed! After moving up the ladder, all the way to Telecommunications Supervisor, Deacon Evelyn retired in 1998.  On to her second career in Information Technology with Nextel, currently known as Sprint Nextel, where she was eventually laid off in 2005. Nevertheless, she landed on her feet once again….this time, in the fitness industry, at the YMCA. She started working out on a regular basis, participating in various fitness programs and classes at the local YMCA.  Her spiritual journey started as a little girl surrounded by her family of strong believers of the Christian faith. Unfortunately, the move from Georgia to Ohio interrupted consistent daily and weekly praise and worship, until landing at a church in Alpharetta, Georgia. AND THEN, her late husband, Willie, accepted a job transfer to the Washington DC area, and the church search was on again. This time God paved their way to MLK Christian Church in Reston, VA where my parents Reverends Jean and Clyde pastor. Deacon’s family of 4 started there over 40 years ago. Today, Deacon Evelyn serves and attends MLK Christian without her late husband, Willie, and daughter, Anita. Both gone too soon. God rest their souls. Through it all, Deacon Evelyn shares, “my faith has grown exponentially!” I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!   Follow Billy:Facebook:   Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Equally Yoked: Finding your perfect partner in God's Will
September 19, 2023 - 28 min
Relationships are an integral part of life, especially the relationship we have with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is the most important! We are to love others as our Father loves us. Most importantly, relationally we are to be equally yoked, and of one accord. I am guilty of not being equally yoked in all of my relationships. I know better now. We must strive to harness and commit to our loved one with the Fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. This is Bible. Scripture says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”-2 Corinthians 6:14 NIV I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!   Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
"GOD HAS MORE IN FRONT OF YOU!"-Conversation with Dr. Brenda Wall
September 12, 2023 - 31 min
My guest today I am so excited to have a conversation with is my cousin! She is Dr. Brenda Wall! She has served as a leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth mental health community for more than three decades. Throughout her career she has maintained expertise in psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, higher education and social justice. Dr. Wall has served as vice president at two HBCU’s; has twice been department chair in psychology; and has been a staff pastor in counseling. She is a writer who addresses diverse issues of currency in American society. With degrees from Vassar College, Boston University and George Washington University, she has consistently worked among the people in their churches, jails, schools, hospitals and online—challenging their burdens, being inspired by their strength. Dr. Wall, a former Fulbright Scholar, currently serves as Grant Director of Reclaiming Mental Health at Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas and Counselor at The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia. She is often consulted on issues of social equity and justice. This permits her to provide a range of creative interventions, which challenge, inspire and heal, and ultimately, contribute to a fairer and more stable society. I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!   Follow Billy:Facebook: Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Billy Yancey is an African American entrepreneur and has been in the fitness industry for over 28 years. He is the creator and driving force behind the leading fitness technology company, ANABO Exercise and Nutrition. Anabo was established in 2004 and, at 18 years in business, Billy holds the distinction as the longest-running African American gym owner in Virginia Beach.

With Anabo, Billy brings a pioneering approach to fitness and health to the Coastal Virginia area and beyond with his personalized and timed technique. As a business owner, Billy remained confident and resolute in spite of two divorces, two bankruptcies and the mayhem of the COVID pandemic, and has emerged with a thriving enterprise.

He has produced two books. Rocket Fuel, aimed at helping people battle through adversity, especially young adults, and Anabo Nutrition, a step-by-step guide to achieving excellent health using foundational processes. Billy is currently developing a mobile application for Anabo’s fitness levels with his team and will soon launch a vodcast called “Rocket Fuel: Talent Will Only Get You So Far.”
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