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Faith Over Fear

with Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

Faith Over Fear Episodes
The Courage to Seek Counseling – Ep. 73
September 28, 2021 - 36 min
In this episode, we are countering lies related to mental health. Unfortunately, many people hold a lot of misunderstandings and misinformation related to mental health. These falsehoods can lead to confusion, cause people from getting the help they need and to feel ashamed when they do get help. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery expels some of the more common lies she’s heard over the years, helping listeners make informed decisions in their freedom journey Find Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What is your experience with mental health professionals? 2. Consider your social circle. How many of your friends and family members have sought counseling? How has this affected your view of mental health professionals? 3. What lie mentioned in today’s episode do you find most personally inhibiting? Why is this? 4. Which point discussed in today’s episode most intrigued you? Why? 5. In what ways does God’s interaction with the prophet Elijah encourage you in your struggle? 6. How easy or challenging is it/or would it be/for you to tell others you are or have gone to counseling, and why do you think this is? 7. What is your next action step regarding your own mental health journey? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Ponomariova_Maria
A Practical Resource to Battle Fear - Ep. 72
September 21, 2021 - 30 min
In our ongoing battle against anxiety and fear, it can be challenging to find resources that are filled with truth and presented from a place of understanding and grace. It can be even more challenging to find biblically sound, heart-safe resources presented from a strong and mature Christ-follower who understands, because they’ve shared similar struggles. This is why books like Grace Fox’s Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation are so invaluable. Written by a career global worker who could’ve easily lost her newborn daughter, Grace knows what it’s like to wrestle with the deep truths of God during times of intense fear. In this interview, she shares one of her most frightening moments to date, how God met her in her fear, and practical ways listeners can move from fear to increased faith and freedom. Find Grace at: Find Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Podcast episode referenced: Faith Over Fear Episode 63: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode? 2. When do you tend to feel most vulnerable? 3. How do you normally respond when you feel vulnerable? 4. What truths or songs help you remember God’s love, strength, and faithfulness? 5. When had God reminded you of truth or passage during a time of fear? 6. What are some practical ways you remind yourself of God’s goodness, faithfulness, power, and/or sovereignty? 7. What are some practical ways you have or can remind yourself of ways God has cared for you in the past? 8. Why is it important to turn to God when we’re afraid? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Rudzhan Nagiev
Living Supernaturally Empowered - Ep. 71
September 14, 2021 - 31 min
The greater the challenge, the greater our need for Holy-Spirit powered living. Life without Him is exhausting and defeating. We cannot live for Christ and do all He’s asked in our own strength. We can, however, do all He’s asked and live with victorious confidence when we remain vitally connected to Him. If we want to experience the supernatural, courageous, and history-making life God calls us to, we’ll need to remain yielded to and dependent on the Holy Spirit within. Find Kimi: Find Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Podcast episode referenced: Faith Over Fear Episode 66: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode? 2. How often do you tend to rely on your strength rather than seeking the power of the Holy Spirit? 3. Why is it important we rely on the Holy Spirit? 4. What are some ways you can increase your dependence on Him? 5. How does or has pride hindered your reliance on the Holy Spirit? 6. In what ways has or does fear tempt you to rely on yourself? 7. In what ways does the Holy Spirit help us live more effectively for Christ? 8. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us God hasn’t give us a spirit of fear but instead one of power, love, and self-discipline. a. Why is it important to recognize what is and isn’t from God? b. Why is it important to rely on God’s power when fighting our fears? c. In what ways can the gift of self-discipline help you in fighting your fears? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Suksunt Sansawast
Hearing God’s Voice: The Peace That Comes from Being Supernaturally Led - Ep. 70
September 07, 2021 - 31 min
God has given us a powerful supernatural gift, a precious Counselor and Friend, able to guide us through any situation, grant us peace in the most challenging circumstances, and lead us from potential dangers. The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, is our ever-present help who gives us everything we need to live as God desires and do all He’s asked. He is speaking, and He invites us to cultivate a listening ear. This episode’s guest Linda Shepherd is an award-winning author who has written over 35 books, including the best-selling . She’s an internationally recognized speaker and is the founder of Right the Heart ministries, the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Find Linda: Her book: Find Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. How would you describe the Holy Spirit? 2. How would you describe your interactions with the Holy Spirit? 3. How often or readily do you sense His presence? 4. What are some ways He speaks to us? 5. How do you most tend to hear Him? 6. What are some things that can challenge our ability to hear Him? 7. What are some ways you discern whether or not a thought or impression came from the Holy Spirit? 8. When learning to hear from God, why is it important we read Scripture? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Malte Mueller
Uncovering What’s Beneath Our Emotional Reactions with Steve Carter – Ep. 69
August 31, 2021 - 30 min
When we have the courage to be emotionally honest and evaluate our reactions from a sense of curiosity rather than shame, we’re better able to process everything from a position of love and grace. We all have “the thing” beneath the “thing,” but we also have a gentle loving Savior who invites us to uncover those hurts and false narratives that hold us back and to steadily advance toward greater freedom. Steve Carter is a pastor, speaker, author, podcast host, and the former lead teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. He hosts the podcast where he helps people get better at the art of communication while ensuring their character always leads the way. He also cohosts, with NFL players Sam Acho and Trey Burton, the popular Home Team Podcast. His desire is to bring Jesus into every conversation and space he occupies. Follow Steve: Be sure to check out Steve's book:
Finding Courage in God Our Abba Father - Ep. 68
August 24, 2021 - 16 min
When we’re hurting or facing a difficult or frightening challenge, we can feel vulnerable, isolated, and maybe even abandoned. This sense of aloneness can make everything feel so much harder. But, our confidence and assurance grows when we recognize that God, our Abba Father, is standing beside us, immovable. He’s everything good that’s missing in all those dads who let their kids down. And He’s everything good displayed by the most honorable and attentive human fathers. This reality, when fully understood and relied on, can quiet our greatest fears. Follow Jodie: Follow Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What resonated with you most in this episode? 2. How easy or challenging is it for you to think of God as your Father? 3. What does that mean to you when you think of God as Father? 4. In what ways might your view of God as Father be distorted? 5. In what ways is your view of God as Father accurate? 6. When have you sensed God’s presence during a particularly challenging or frightening time? 7. Who or what do you tend to turn to most when you feel afraid? 8. How can you turn to or rely on God your Father more consistently? 9. What is one action step God might be asking you to take in the next week? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Tetiana Garkusha
When Our Savior Calls Us Out of Our Comfort Zones (Yeshua) - Ep. 67
August 17, 2021 - 16 min
We often believe that comfort and being comfortable is the ultimate blessing of God. The truth is, the blessing of God is often on the other side of leaving our comfort zones. God often calls us to unfamiliar places, to embrace risk, and in this become completely dependent on Him. God wants us to experience His grace and power on a deeper level. In those places of uncertainty, our faith is both revealed and grown. That is where we discover Yeshua, our Rescuer, is always faithful and we always have victory in Him. Follow Jodie: Follow Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What resonated with you most in this episode? 2. How would you define your comfort zone? What areas of your life does it involve? 3. How tightly do you tend to hold onto your comfort zone? 4. Considering your comfort zone, where are you tempted to seek security in things or people other than Christ? 5. Dream: What might God have waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone? 6. How might your fears be hindering you from experiencing all Christ has for you? 7. When has God moved you into an area or situation where you were forced to rely on Him? And what was the result internally? 8. When you think of Christ as Yeshua, Rescuer or Deliverer, what comes to mind? 9. How does knowing Christ is your Rescuer help quiet your fears? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Christian Horz
Trusting Our Good Shepherd (Jehovah Ra’ah) to Lead Us – Ep. 66
August 10, 2021 - 16 min
Sometimes, when we’re experiencing disappointment and uncertainty, it can be hard to trust that God is truly leading us, or that He’s leading us toward something good. During those times, God- our Good Shepherd, Jehovah Ra’ah in the Hebrew - invites us to trust His heart and His character. This was the position in which Wholly Loved’s Kimi Miller found herself, when she sensed God calling her to step out of a thriving ministry position. And at first, that transition was super painful, but through it, God reminded her of His heart for her. Follow Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What comes to mind when you think of God as your shepherd? 2. What do you think it means when people say He is the good shepherd? 3. When has God led you in a direction that felt painful or confusing? What did He show or teach you during that time? 4. What might it mean in your current situation or sphere to rest in green pastures? 5. Consider your strongest or most frequent anxieties. How many of those come from trying to lead yourself or create your own green pasture? 6. Do you ever fear that God will lead you in a bad direction? And if so, where do you think that fear comes from? 7. When have you sensed God urging you to rest? What made this difficult? 8. Take a moment to read Psalm 23. What aspect of God’s care listed do you find most comforting? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Polar Lights
Trusting in the God Who Heals Our Sins (Jehovah-Rapha) – Ep. 65
August 03, 2021 - 16 min
Do you ever feel like you’re God’s “problem child?” The one who never seems to be getting any better and who continues to struggle with the same sins and setbacks? Do you fear you’re simply too broken or irreparable? When we focus on our weaknesses and failings, we can easily feel overwhelmed and overpowered by sin. But God encourages us to raise our gazes onto Him, the God who heals. He is El Rapha, who heals us from our greatest disease, sin, and empowers us to live fully free. Find Jennifer Slattery: On her website at http://jenniferSlatteryLivesoutLoud On Facebook at On Instagram at Find their ministry at: Find Shellie Arnold: On her website at On Facebook at And at: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What most encouraged you in today’s episode? 2. Why might Scripture equate sin to a sickness or disease? 3. In what ways can you relate to Shellie’s story? 4. What is your greatest battle in living as Christ desires? 5. Why is it important we focus on Christ in us as we grow in spiritual maturity? 6. What does it mean to you that God is El Rapha, the God who heals? 7. Why is it important to remember that spiritual healing and growth take time? 8. What is one way you can rest more fully in Christ today? 9. Is there a step Christ is asking you to take, and if so, what is that? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Yelyzaveta-Matiushenko
Resting in the God Who Provides (Jehovah-Jireh) – Ep. 64
July 27, 2021 - 17 min
When we encounter painful and frightening circumstances, or God calls us to do something difficult, we may feel as if we’re all alone. As if God doesn’t see us, doesn’t understand our struggle, or won’t provide what we need. But as our guest Ava Pennington reminds us, our God doesn’t change. The same God called Jehovah-Jireh in Scripture, the God who provides, can be trusted to provide for us in our times of need as well. Find Ava Pennington at: Follow Jennifer: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Resources: by Ava Pennington Group Discussion Questions: 1. When have you felt alone or unseen by God? 2. What contributed to those feelings? 3. What truths from today’s episode can help counter those feelings? 4. When you consider Christ’s death, for you, what comes to mind? 5. In what ways does the love Christ showed on the cross encourage you in your daily struggles? 6. What does it mean to you that God sees your need and provides in advance? 7. What do you think made it most challenging for Abraham to obey God when He told him to sacrifice his son? 8. What do you think gave Abraham the courage to obey? 9. When has God called you to do something hard or frightening? 10. What did you learn about Him during that situation or event? Episode Image Credit: Getty/rudall30
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