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Faith Over Fear

with Jennifer Slattery, Tara Rye and Jodie Bailey

Faith Over Fear Episodes
Responding with Courage When Others Act Foolishly - Ep. 48
April 06, 2021 - 16 min
When others in positions of authority or influence act poorly, we can feel vulnerable and threatened. What if we work for a reactionary boss who could cause the entire company to go under? Or what if our spouse’s poor choices cost him his job and then our home? We’ve probably all experienced times when we’ve felt as if someone else’s choices have backed us in a corner. Our fear might cause us to lash out, to try to flee, or to freeze and shut down completely. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery and Shellie Arnold unpack a section of Scripture that reveals a better, wiser option. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Shellie Arnold at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group: Group Discussion Questions: 1. Consider a time when you’ve most felt like a victim to your circumstances or someone else’s reaction. What made it hard to trust God’s care in that situation? 2. In what ways has your past negatively colored your view of God? 3. What are some ways God has shown Himself to be trustworthy and attentive in your life? 4. When has God given you quick, supernatural wisdom for dealing with a difficult situation or person? 5. When you feel threatened, what tends to be your default response: fight, flight, freeze, or trust? 6. Why is it important to pause to seek God’s guidance during times of crisis? 7. Why is it important to seek God’s guidance when dealing with reactionary people? 8. When has someone acted like an Abigail in your life and talked you down from a tense situation? 9. What did that individual do that proved so effective? 10. Why must we base our security in Christ rather than our circumstances or other people’s choices? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Ponomariova Maria
The Courage to Shed False Identities - Ep. 47
March 30, 2021 - 15 min
The deeper our roots, the easier it is to develop false identities. We’re mothers or teachers or perhaps Bible study leaders or community volunteers. We can easily lose sight of who we are. Moving can make us feel as if we’re losing ourselves. In this episode, Jennifer and Jodie discuss the major identity challenges Ruth faced, times when we might feel similarly, and how Jesus, our Kinsman Redeemer helps us discover who we truly are and who He’s molding us to be. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Jodie Bailey at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What are some false identities people tend to adopt? 2. Why do you think we tend to find our identity in things such as status and roles? 3. How can false identities be damaging? 4. When has a life transition threatened your sense of identity? 5. Why is it important that we find our identity in Christ? 6. According to Christ, who are you? (If you’re not sure, read Ephesians 1.) 7. What is one thing you can do this week to remind yourself of who you are in Christ? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Solarseven
The Courage to Let Our Kids Fail - Ep. 46
March 23, 2021 - 29 min
Most parents hate to see their kids struggle. It often grieves us to see them experience the pain of failure. But when we rescue them from the consequences of their behavior, become overly critical in our efforts to point them to success, or attempt to shelter them from life’s challenges, we inevitably stunt their growth. We might even raise children who become paralyzed to make decisions and embrace healthy risk. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery talks with counselor and speaker Brenda Yoder about why and how we can help our children grow through inevitable failures and develop the wings they’ll need to fly into adulthood. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Brenda Yoder at: Find Brenda’s podcast at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Resources mentioned: Fledge by Brenda Yoder The Beautiful Mess Mother-Daughter conference by Wholly Loved Ministries Group Discussion Questions: 1. What are some reasons you find it challenging to allow your child/children to struggle? 2. How often is fear of personal failure involved in your response to your child’s failings? 3. When has God used struggle and failure to grow you? 4. How can remembering how God has grown you strengthen your heart to let your loved ones grow from their failures? 5. How can our unwillingness to let our children fail negatively impact their relationship with Christ? Their confidence? 6. What are some truths regarding God (His nature, power, or promises) help conquer your fears regarding your children's failures? 7. What is one “next right step” God is calling you to take this week? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Zuperia
The Courage to Entrust Our Loved Ones to God - Ep. 45
March 16, 2021 - 15 min
The more we love someone, the harder we tend to hold on to them. Many times, our pride and anxiety will trick us into seeking our wisdom and strength over God’s, especially when His guidance contradicts common sense. But God is the only One with the power to bring victory in every situation, those challenges our loved ones face as well. We find peace, courage, and victory when we remember this and live in this truth. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Jodie Bailey at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. What stood out to you most in Moses' mom’s situation and/or response? 2. How do you typically respond when you sense your loved one is in danger? 3. What are some ways you seek God’s will when you’re anxious and afraid? 4. What truths regarding God’s character increase your courage to entrust your loved ones to God’s care? 5. Do you normally take time to seek God’s guidance when you sense a loved one is threatened? If so, how does this help? If not, why is this? 6. Why is it important to not only seek God’s guidance but also to give Him time to speak before jumping into a situation? 7. When has your failure to seek God’s guidance in a situation caused problems? 8. How can your commitment to seek God’s guidance, strength, and intervention increase your loved one’s faith during times of crisis? 9. Consider who God used to rescue Moses. What does this tell you about God? 10. Who is God asking you to entrust to His care today, and what is one way you can do this? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Aleksei Naumov
The Courage to Pursue Our Calling - Ep. 44
March 09, 2021 - 30 min
Most often, it’s not the challenges we face external that most hold us back from living out our call. It’s the battle that rages in that has the greatest capacity to derail and defeat us. Our fears, if left unchecked, hinder us from becoming all God created us to be and living the life He died to give us. We all have a God-honoring, life-changing call, one we are uniquely created to fulfill. God will give us all we need to do all He asks and assigns. The question is, will we humbly and courageously accept that assignment? Will we courageously surrender to His plans? Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Resources mentioned: by Gordon T. Smith , a Bible study by Wholly Loved Ministries Group Discussion Questions: 1. Have you considered how God might want to use you, in your current season? 2. What is a unique passion you hold that God might want to use to bring light and life to our world? 3. What are some fears that tend to hold you back from trying new things or stepping out in faith? 4. Is there an area that God might be calling you to surrender in order to make you freer to serve Him? 5. Consider your current fears. How many of them stem from focusing on your limitations rather than God’s power and provision? 6. Consider your fears in light of the parable Jennifer shared and the “lazy” servant’s perspective—Have you, perhaps unknowingly, assigned false character traits to God? Are you behaving as if He’s distant, uninvolved, or perhaps not powerful enough to save? 7. What is one “next right step” God is calling you to take?
The Courage to Fight Godly Battles – Ep. 43
March 02, 2021 - 15 min
God calls as followers of Christ to fight godly battles; to play an active role in the fight for right versus wrong and good versus evil. Each of our battles might look different, but the call is the same: to obey, no matter how difficult or challenging our obedience might feel in the moment. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Tara Rye at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Join the private Faith Over Fear Group Here: Group Discussion Questions: 1. Share or journal on a time when you felt God calling you to engage in a high-stakes situation. a. What were your fears? b. What doubts triggered those fears? c. What truths helped (or could have helped) increase your courage? d. What character traits of God helped (or could have helped) increase your courage? 2. Did anyone come alongside you? If so, how did this help you feel more courageous? If not, how did this effect you? 3. Is there someone who can act like a Deborah in your life? 4. Is there anyone to whom God might be calling you to act like a Deborah? 5. How can focusing on ourselves increase our fear? 6. How can focusing on God—His character, power, promises and love—help decrease our fear and increase our courage? 7. Based on the Deborah-Barak account in the Bible, who brings victory? 8. What are some unexpected ways God has brought victory in your life or the lives of those you love? Episode Image Credit: Getty/
The Courage to Release Our Children into God's Care
February 23, 2021 - 27 min
As parents, our goal is to raise adults emotionally and spiritually mature adults who can navigate challenges with integrity and faith and have learned to rely on and surrender to Christ. We know, intellectually, our children must reach a place of independence, but our hearts might struggle to let go. In this episode, Wholly Loved’s Shellie Arnold and Jennifer Slattery discuss some of the fears, challenges, and confusion parents face in this journey of releasing and truths that can help us move forward with courage and confidence. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Shellie Arnold at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Find more on the Wholly Loved Online Mother-Daughter Conference: Resource: by Paul David Tripp Group Discussion Questions: 1. In terms of your level of entrusting your kids to Jesus, where are you currently at in your parenting journey? 2. What areas do you feel God has not called you to release? 3. What areas might He be calling you to release? 4. What makes it most challenging to surrender those areas to Christ? 5. In what ways are you training your children (adult, youth, or younger) to turn to Christ for guidance and strength? 6. In what ways might you be inadvertently trying to play a “savior” role in their life or lives? 7. Consider an area you find particularly frightening to release. What messages might your behavior in that area be sending to your children? 8. What people do you turn to for support and wisdom? 9. What hurts might you have caused your children that you need to confess and apologize for? 10. What areas of guilt must you invite God to heal in your heart? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Polar_Lights
The Courage to Fight for Our Kids - Ep. 41
February 16, 2021 - 28 min
Parenting will first test, then strengthen our faith. We will experience confusion, frustrations, heartache, joy, and fear. Many days, this journey will feel like an intense battle, one we’re not certain we can win. In our discouragement, anxieties, and uncertainties, we might be tempted to engage, but regardless of how our kids act or what they claim, they need us to remain fully present and invested. Find Jennifer Slattery at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Find more on the Wholly Loved Online Mother-Daughter Conference: Resource: by Paul David Tripp Group Discussion Questions: 1. What impacted you most in this episode, and why? 2. What tends to make it most challenging for you to remain present and engaged with your kid(s)? 3. What area of parenting feels most challenging? 4. What are some ways you are investing in your spirituality first? 5. What are some of your fears regarding parenting? 6. Where do you tend to go for answers when you feel confused or uncertain? 7. How difficult is it for you to acknowledge when you’ve messed up and asked for your child's or children’s forgiveness? 8. What might it look like to fight for your relationship with you kid(s)? 9. How are you modeling obedience to Christ in your parenting? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Popmarleo
Episode 40: The Courage to Believe
February 09, 2021 - 16 min
We’ve all, at some point in our lives, reached a place of crisis. A place where we felt alone and maybe frightened God wasn’t going to help. These moments can be deeply frightening, but also deepen our faith. In this episode, Tara Rye and Jodie Bailey discuss some devastating news Tara received regarding her mother in light of Jesus’ encounter with Mary and Martha after their brother’s death. Find Jodie Bailey at: Find Tara Rye at: Find Wholly Loved, at: Group Discussion Questions: 1. Consider a time when you felt like you were in the middle of a crisis. What all were you feeling during that time? 2. What were your feelings or doubts related to God? 3. How did you respond? 4. How did God respond or seem to respond? 5. What, if anything, did you learn regarding God’s character? 6. Looking back over your faith journey, what has most deepened your faith? 7. If you currently are in a place where you’re struggling to believe in God or His care for you, what makes belief most challenging? 8. If you are experiencing challenges to your belief, what are some ways you can bring those doubts, hurts, and fears to God directly? 9. Mary and Martha had to wait for Jesus to show up, and when He did, it appeared as if He arrived too late. What are you waiting on God for now? 10. How does the timing of Jesus’ arrival and the miracle He later performed speak to your fear, hurts, and doubts? Episode Image Credit: Getty/hanabeni
No Fear in Death - Ep. 39
February 02, 2021 - 33 min
Many people are afraid of death and numerous issues related to this. But while we will and should grieve death, God doesn’t want us to live, or die, in fear. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery shares biblical truths that can help us transition from this present world and into the eternity Christ prepared for us with confidence and, perhaps, even anticipation. Find Jennifer Slattery at: | | | Find Wholly Loved at: Recommended Resource: by Wayne Grudem Group Discussion Questions: 1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode? 2. Do you have any fears related Jennifer didn’t mention? 3. In regard to your death-related fears, how probable is it you will experience that fear? 4. Have you accepted God’s free gift of eternal life through faith in Christ? 5. Do you understand what Jennifer shared regarding how one receives salvation? 6. What most comforts you regarding Jesus’ words to the criminal on the cross? 7. How does knowing God will remain with you through physical death and into eternity calm your fears? 8. What are some things you’re most looking forward to in heaven? Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nadzeya_Dzivakova
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