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Famous at Home

with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

171. Hearing the Voice of God with Carlos Whittaker

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Carlos Whittaker tells stories in books, on stage, and on Instagram. In this episode, he tells stories about race, trauma, and talks about his new book Enter Wild. Carlos' voice in these trying times is one we all need to listen to.

In this episode, Carlos covers some amazing ground on how we as families can specifically hear from God. If you're in a difficult season as a family and questioning God's presence, Carlos will challenge you. Instead of asking "What if God doesn't show up?" Carlos challenges us to ask, "What if He does?"

Here are some highlights:

* Carlos talks about why we're afraid to ask God for specific requests. * How we can teach our kids to pray to God for specific prayers. * What the Lord is really committed to as it relates to you and your family. * What it costs to step out of a mild and mundane faith* What the real goal of being a parent is and how to achieve it.

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July 29, 2020
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Dr. Josh and Christi Straub are speakers, authors, and marriage and leadership coaches. Together, they lead Famous at Home, a company equipping leaders, corporations, and families in emotional intelligence and relational connection.

Josh and Christi host the Famous at Home podcast (amassing more than 2.5 million downloads), lead a yearlong coaching program called the Leader's Heart Cohort. They co-wrote three children’s books: What Am I Feeling?, What Do I Do with Worry? and What Do I Do with Anger? to help parents foster emotional awareness in kids.

Together, they also just released their latest book Famous at Home: 7 Decisions to Putting Your Family Center Stage in a World Competing for Your Time, Attention and Identity. Josh and Christi love adventuring and making memories with their three kids: Landon, Kennedy, and Micah.

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