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Famous at Home

with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

#60: Your Questions: Sibling Rivalry, Understanding a Child's Emotions, and Tough Conversations with Family

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Your questions have been so good! We love hearing from each of you. This episode covers more questions related to parenting.

In this week's episode we discuss:

* How kids handle emotions
* New ways to think about your child's overwhelming emotions
* The difference between a temper tantrum and an act of disobedience
* Sibling rivalry
* How to handle grief and loss with kids
* And how should we handle family members who don't hold their kids to the same values we hold ours to, especially when we spend a lot of time together with them?

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It's an honor journeying with you!

Show Notes: 

Click here for Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen Thomas and David Thomas

Click here for Safe House: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well

Click here for FREE Feelings Chart for Kids!

This week's questions:

Emma: I am a part time single parent. My children are 5, 4 and 8 months. Last night, my eldest would not stop slamming things. I told him if he was going to continue this he would not have the sweets he was going to have for dessert when he finished his fruit. He slammed and his sweets were taken away. He then refused to get in the bath, refused to brush his teeth, refused to get into bed, and refused to be quiet so I could put the baby to sleep.

I tried many things. He ended up slamming his door and crying in his bed (after 1 hour of all this). When I had gotten the baby to sleep, and my middle child was sleeping, I went into his room, told him his behavior was unacceptable, but that I still love him and always will. I told him that tomorrow was a new day and a new start.

I had to keep my physical distance from my son as I was so angry with him that I was afraid of hurting him in my anger (grabbing him, pushing him, etc.). I was so angry that I could not hug him, or try to calm him, when he would not listen. What could I have done?

Nichole: I have two things we struggle with in our house more recently.

Part I: We have a 10-year-old and 5-year-old boy. I feel like we always have to separate the two of them because they both just can't play together well without fighting. Or my older son always wants to be away from his younger brother. I want to foster a healthy brother relationship for the boys and for them to grow up loving each other. Can we get more tips or ideas to foster this relationship and teach them better how to love each other more!

Part II: We have also struggled this past year with death. We have had 4 huge losses and the kids went to all funerals. I can see they get anxious about things, more teary and worried. So we would love tips in how to continue to make them feel safe and that they don'...

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June 06, 2018
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Dr. Josh and Christi Straub are speakers, authors, and marriage and leadership coaches. Together, they lead Famous at Home, a company equipping leaders, corporations, and families in emotional intelligence and relational connection.

Josh and Christi host the Famous at Home podcast (amassing more than 2.5 million downloads), lead a yearlong coaching program called the Leader's Heart Cohort. They co-wrote three children’s books: What Am I Feeling?, What Do I Do with Worry? and What Do I Do with Anger? to help parents foster emotional awareness in kids.

Together, they also just released their latest book Famous at Home: 7 Decisions to Putting Your Family Center Stage in a World Competing for Your Time, Attention and Identity. Josh and Christi love adventuring and making memories with their three kids: Landon, Kennedy, and Micah.

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