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Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

with Amanda Carroll

#12 Take The Power Away From Fear with Tasha Layton. 3 Ways to Heal from Emotional Pain

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Learn how to heal from your past wounds and take the power away from your current fears with special guest, Christian Recording Artist, Author, Business Owner, and mother, Tasha Layton.

It's me God, where are you? You ever wonder where Jesus was when you were hurt, when you experience loss, when you are in pain? This episode will give you a definitive answer of just where Jesus was, by your side.

On the outside it looked like everything was going for her! Made it to Hollywood on American Idol, sang as a back up singer and traveled the world with Katy Perry, but found herself so deep in depression that she tried to commit suicide.

Secret to Healing

Childhood Rejection

3:47 I think I always felt like I couldn't be free. For most of my life I was concerned about what other people thought, being accepted, not being rejected. I grew up in church, but was really wounded in the church.

5:04 Tried to commit suicide

How to did up the lies from childhood and one by one invited the holy spirit into that moment and asked Jesus where he was. At the end of the process.

when I felt seen and loved and known by God that deeply and intimately I felt like I could do anything he calls me to do because he loves me. That's when I started stepping out in faith in a new way.

[8:15] Write Down Every Single Thing in Your Life has Hurt You

Tasha shares what her therapist taught her to do at this retreat center to heal from childhood trauma. She took each instance and did this process. At first it will make things harder, she says, but just wait, healing is on the way.

[10:14] Describe the moment, describe what happened, where you are, and what are you feeling.

Tasha shares about a moment as a child when she tried to share an experience with her father, and was dismissed. She told herself "I'm not worthy of getting to I'll never let anyone know the real me." Go through this process with the things on your list. Write it in your journal. What did the room look like, what did it smell like, who was there, it sounds hard, but it will be worth it.

[13:01] Ask yourself this: Where is Jesus in the Room?

Tasha, says that's the moment she began balling her eyes out. God stands outside of time, He was there when that thing happened to you, but he is still there. What does he want to say to you now? Tasha began to cry because she realized Jesus was there, standing next to her at the table, looking at her intently, and HE WANTED to hear what she had to say. He was EAGER to get to know her. That's when you begin to COMBAT THE LIE.

"I felt truth move from my head to heart in that moment and it dispelled the lie." -Tasha Layton

Anything you have gone through in life, you can use this process to heal from past traumas and choose to Get Your Brave On for your future. Give yourself some grace, some love, some space, and walk through this journey, knowing God is FOR you. He's the one that split the red sea, provided mana in the desert, your identity is not in question!

Click Here to Listen ! There is SO MUCH MORE in the full podcast. We talked about how you can use this same process to counteract your current fears. Please listen and please share it with a friend.

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June 07, 2022
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Living off coffee and dry shampoo, Amanda Carroll, likes to say she's just winging it: Life. Motherhood. Eyeliner. Everything. She is a nationally syndicated radio host and loves to encourage you to live a strong and courageous life.

Amanda adopted the phrase "Get Your Brave On" ten years ago when she became a single mother of 3; she calls them her sunshines. She explains, "I was full of fear, when I entered single motherhood, but I knew God wanted me to move forward bravely for my family.”

She runs the website Get Your Brave On! to inspire others to embrace failure and learn how to practice the art of bravery. When Amanda isn't running kids to baseball practice, dance class, basketball, or volunteering for her local little league, she squeezes in time in for a good workout or a round of golf, and is on a mission to find the best tacos in town!

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