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#16 12 Days of Friendship Four Tips to Get Better Friends by Becoming a Better Friend with Corey Mann

July 05, 2022
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Lonely? Do you feel like you have a lack of authentic friendships in your life? Learn how to meet that desire for better relationships with my friend and fellow broadcaster Corey Mann!

He shared his story of entering into a 12 Day Friendship, loosing that friend because of a car accident after a For King and Country concert, and bravely moving forward from that trauma.

I have SO MUCH respect for Corey. He's one of those people that I have looked up to and admired in Christian radio for years. He is EVERYONE's friend. What are his secrets? He's about to share them all with you. Learn the art of friendship.

1. Sitting Shiva: The Art of With

"It takes courage to be kind, it takes bravery to befriend. " -Corey Mann.

SHOW UP! When someone you know is going through a crisis, don't leave them alone! Corey Mann is a morning radio show host for a Christian radio station, Pulse FM, in Indiana. The radio station had a concert with For King and Country this June. A couple on their way home from the show got into a tragic accident. The wife, Leslie, died at the scene, the husband, Craig, was taken to the hospital. Corey showed up the next day in the husband's hospital room to just BE with him.

In the faith of Jesus, the Jewish faith, when someone looses a loved one , they sit shiva for seven days. You sit, you heal, you just be together. I call that the "gospel of with". God commands us in Joshua 1:9 to be strong and courageous, but then promises to go with us wherever we go. WITH. That's the way to be a good friend. You don't have to fix things with a quote. You just SHOW UP, be WITH them.

2. Need Creates Community

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