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Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

with Amanda Carroll

#17 Don’t Be Afraid to Suck! Templates for Success with Journalist Cristina Mendonsa

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If you are lacking direction, feel stuck, and are allowing the fear of failure and other people’s opinions to limit you from moving forward in your life this podcast is for you! You will LOVE hearing the heart behind award winning journalist and my dear friend, Cristina Mendosa.

I met Cristina while reporting for News 93.1 KFBK in Sacramento. I was in between jobs and she was a very supportive advocate. Now I’m blessed to be able to call her friend. I admire her. She has a morning radio news program, her own video production company, and is now producing documentaries! This podcast is a result of a lunch we had together. When discussing how we have both been able to push through career setbacks and try new avenues she blurted out you know “just don’t be afraid to suck!” I said THAT’S IT. That’s our podcast. We hope listening to our conversation will make you feel like you were at the lunch table having a salad with us too, and will help propel you forward to stop allowing fear to limit your future.

Highlights in this episode:

3:13 Develop a Growth Mindset: When you’re afraid to suck at something, change your mindset by finding mentors and templates for success. “Not being afraid to suck, is a growth mindset.” - Cristina

6:24 How to develop a growth mindset. Think of the physical/mental connection.

8:19 If you are at a low point in life, the most important way to break out of it.

10:52 How do you break through to the next level? Develop an appetite for problem solving

11:36 Create a Template for Success. Cristina says life is about creating a bunch of templates and replicating them.

14:51 Struggling with expectations that you think others have for you. Cristina shares how she balanced motherhood and journalism, and not caring about what other people think. Her template was seeking out a tribe of moms that had her back

17:22 Umbuntu Philosphy and how women can use it to propel each other forward instead of compete.

24:01 “Never believe your own press”. Cristina’s agent taught her to not take stuff so personally.

27:02 Every year Cristina picks a theme for herself. She recommends a year of YES to learn and grow and find what you love to do.

30:18 Cristina’s secrets to Getting Your Brave On… find your tribe and surround yourself with as much positivity as possible. “It will juice your batteries because you need that optimism to propel yourself forward”

31:11 Cristian’s book recommendations

How to find Cristina:

Instagram/FB/Twitter @cmendonsa
Listen to Cristina 5-9am NewsRadio KFBK - Sacramento's News, Weather and Traffic Station (
July 12, 2022
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Meet Your Host
Living off coffee and dry shampoo, Amanda Carroll, likes to say she's just winging it: Life. Motherhood. Eyeliner. Everything. She is a nationally syndicated radio host and loves to encourage you to live a strong and courageous life.

Amanda adopted the phrase "Get Your Brave On" ten years ago when she became a single mother of 3; she calls them her sunshines. She explains, "I was full of fear, when I entered single motherhood, but I knew God wanted me to move forward bravely for my family.”

She runs the website Get Your Brave On! to inspire others to embrace failure and learn how to practice the art of bravery. When Amanda isn't running kids to baseball practice, dance class, basketball, or volunteering for her local little league, she squeezes in time in for a good workout or a round of golf, and is on a mission to find the best tacos in town!

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