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Don't Lust Anymore! ...Really?? (SOM 38 pt. 2)

August 21, 2022
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In this Gospel Rant podcast and the next we are looking at Jesus' command that we should not ever lust—but honestly—how do we pull that off? It is very much like the previous command, don’t be angry, don’t belittle anyone with your words or actions, or even a nasty look. Sure, we agree, but how? That condemns us all. And the suggestion that if you feel lust, you should remove an eye? Is he being literal? Is hell really at stake? Is he ramping the law up that high? Or, is he being wonderfully satirical???? And somehow we stopped getting the joke. Let’s see. Come all who struggle with lust or porn. Good news.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Dr. Bill Senyard is a husband, father, pastor, church revitalization consultant, biblical scholar, author of over 14 books, and creator of three online gospel immersion journeys. His primary gift is asking good questions and not being always satisfied with the usual pat answers. The gospel is more powerful than we expect. It's time we start believing that. Want to go deeper? You are at the right place.
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