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Gospel Rant

with Dr. Bill Senyard

Gospel Rant Episodes
Sand Or Rock? How Can You Be Sure? (SOM 55)
February 5, 2023 - 36 min
'Build your house on rock not sand', we are told. Building your house, your life, your identity and your faith on the principles that Jesus has been speaking about. Then you will be blessed when the storms come. So, don’t be angry. Don’t lust. Don’t get divorced. Don’t hoard money. Don’t pray to be noticed. Forgive like you want God to forgive you. Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. This is rock living? Or is it? I am going to try to convince you in this parable that just the opposite is true. That is sand dwelling. What does it look to build upon a rock. Check out the podcast.
I Never Knew You! (SOM 54)
January 29, 2023 - 35 min
These three verses have been used as hammers to leverage good behavior from Christians for millennia. But is that what Jesus is talking about? At the crux of the three verses is the key question, Who enters the kingdom? Answer: The one who does the will of God. Do you want to know what the will of God is? Check it out.
Bad Fruit ‘R Us? (SOM 53)
January 22, 2023 - 24 min
Who are the wolves? Who are the bad fruit? I wonder if we have gotten these confused. In the context of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount, he is speaking about a specific heresy that still flourishes in the church today.
Is The Golden Rule Still Golden? (SOM 52)
January 15, 2023 - 30 min
Have you been taught that all you need to do to be a good Christian is to do the golden rule? I bet you have been taught that. Well, how’s it going? Do you get a B- grade or a B+? How much is enough?

What if I were to tell you that is not exactly what Jesus meant? There is a narrow gate that actually leads to an experience of the favor of God of you. The Golden Rule could just be in your way. Curious? Check it out.
Jesus and Cancel Culture (SOM 51)
January 8, 2023 - 29 min
Now Jesus has gone too far. Stop judging? I get the concept, but everyone judges. Everyone has been judged. It has ramped up since COVID, but it was happening long before that. Jesus, read the room. Those people on the hillside? All they have known is being judged. Are you telling them to lay their only weapons down?

Our government may not be good at much, but they are sure good at judging. Me too.

What is Jesus really saying about judging? You may be surprised.
What, Me Worry? (SOM 50)
January 1, 2023 - 36 min
So just stop being anxious! You are kidding me, right? Did Jesus just tell those hurting anxious people on the hillside to choose to stop being anxious? Is he suggesting that they just need to be reasonable? Wouldn’t that just make them more anxious and ashamed? How does it make you feel? Of course Jesus is not saying just stop being anxious. Good news for anxious people. There is hope. We’ve largely buried the headline. Check it out and get the word to other anxious Christians.
The Gospel of the Shamed Priest (Christmas 7)
December 24, 2022 - 36 min
Did you know that no one had more verses about them in the Christmas story than the shamed priest Zechariah. And yet he is never part of the celebration. No Christmas Pageant gives him his due. So what is it about Zechariah that captured the attention of Matthew? What is the Gospel of the Shamed Priest?
God’s Shocking Preachers This Christmas: The Shepherds (Christmas 6)
December 20, 2022 - 34 min
Who gave the very first Christmas sermon? Shockingly, it was the shepherds. Humanly speaking, no one would have come to hear them. But they were the ones God picked. He still uses them today. Do you know someone who feels ashamed and rejected. They might really appreciate this podcast.

The last of our Advent series will come out on Dec 24th, Christmas Eve, "Zeke, the Shamed Priest." Merry Christmas.
What’s God’s Real Beef With Money? (SOM 49)
December 18, 2022 - 23 min
What is Jesus saying? I have a choice either to serve God or Mammon? Am I good? Have I done enough? All Christians spend great deal of time worrying about tithing. We pastors make it even worse by implying guilt through such passages as this one. Honestly, though, like most of the other verses I note Sermon on the Mount, to do so would be to buy the actual headline.

If you wonder about God and what He thinks about money, and more to the point your money, you are not alone. You know someone who is struggling. They may be wealthy or poor. Please consider sending them the link to they podcast. They may just thank you.
The Wise Guys and the Gospel (Christmas #5)
December 17, 2022 - 35 min
Hey, it's Christmas again and time for Gospel Rant's annual Christmas podcast series. This year we want to expand our typical children's Christmas pageant stage to bring out some of the lesser known things about the story and characters that should make the story jump off the usual small 12x12 pageant stage. In this podcast we look at the Gospel according to the uncircumcised, non-jewish, pagan, believing Magi. Is there something that we can learn about the Gospel? You might be surprised.
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