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Growing Home Together Podcast

with Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 31: Teamwork in Marriage--How to Work Together in Every Part of Your Life, with Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

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Three years ago, Rob left his day job and Joanna took on a new full-time career to become full-time partners in writing, podcasting, and building Growing Home Together. As they joined both their personal and working lives, they heard the same question over and over: I could NEVER work with my spouse! How can you be happy working together as a team?   The answer to that question isn’t simple and it’s unique for every couple. In every marriage, a husband and wife must team up to parent kids, manage the home, and accomplish their goals. In whatever you aim to achieve together, you need skills and habits to move you toward success.   Today’s guests, Robert and Kay Lee Fukui, are here with business and marriage expertise to equip us all for teamwork in our marriage. They offer practical insight to help you understand How Robert and Kay Lee met, married, and created both a marriage AND business partnership.   Why they utilized a counselor from the beginning of their relationship.   The key skills, habits, and mindsets that set you up for success as a team.   How to make your differences work for you instead of against you.   The one important habit that will build unity, structure, and closeness in your work and marriage.   Practical tools to help you with work and life balance.   How to cope with burnout when your life together is overwhelming.   The need to grow as a listener to God and your spouse. Robert and Kay Lee Fukui are the co-founders of i61, inc., a marriage and business consulting company. They focus their work on assisting entrepreneur couples (who may or may not be working together) increase their margin of time and money in both marriage and business.   Robert experienced 25 successful years in sales/marketing and played instrumental roles in the launch of six major brands. He was directly responsible for over $150 million in revenue and a recipient of national sales and leadership awards.    Kay Lee worked in the banking industry and in her family business as operations manager for over 10 years before meeting the love of her life, Robert. Her passion is to see marriages flourish in the midst of building a profitable business.    Together, they have developed an innovative consulting program, Power Couples by Design, which equips couples to build a thriving Marriage AND a prosperous business. Their podcast, courses, and valuable content will move you forward, together. This podcast is produced and edited by Angie Elkins Media, Inc.
June 29, 2021
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Meet Your Host
Rob and Joanna have celebrated over 30 years of marriage and are the parents of two sons and three daughters. They share an addiction to coffee, bookstores, and Christmas music. They debate whether two dogs are enough and who should win “The Voice” every season. Rob and Joanna are a neat-freak married to a mess, an explorer to a homebody, and an introvert to a ‘people person.’ But they do agree that their vows are for always, children are a gift, and prayer is powerful.

Over the years, the Teigens have lived in five states as they made their way to West Michigan. Serving as foster parents, marriage mentors, small-group leaders, and authors, they are passionate about helping couples and moms and dads experience the power of God in their families. They look forward to meeting you here, supporting your pursuit of God and the hearts of your loved ones. They can’t wait to grow together with you.

You can find Rob and Joanna, and learn more about Growing Home Together, at
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