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4// The Family Tree of Jesus

August 31, 2023
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The Family Tree of Jesus


Get ready for an exciting adventure on the Hearing Jesus for Kids Podcast. 


Do you ever wonder where you come from? Well, just like how you have a family tree with your grandparents, parents, and you, Jesus also has a special family tree. In this episode, we're diving into the Bible to discover all the amazing people who are part of Jesus' family.


Remember those math patterns you learn in school? Well, there's a cool pattern in Jesus' family tree too. It's like a puzzle that shows us how God's plans always come together perfectly.


So, grab your imagination and join me as we travel back in time to discover how Jesus' family tree is filled with surprises, hope, and a whole lot of love. Get ready for an adventure you won't want to miss on the Hearing Jesus for Kids Podcast! 🌳🌟



This episode coincides with episode 377 adult version of the Hearing Jesus Podcast: Hearing Jesus Podcast  


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Hey friends, welcome to the Hearing Jesus for Kids Podcast!


Do you ever feel like you want to know more about the Bible, but that it’s kind of hard to understand?  Do you want to share your faith with your friends, but have a hard time figuring out how to do that? Do you want to learn how to connect the Bible to your real life? Well then this is the show for you.


My name is Rachael, and I am your host.  I have been a Children’s Pastor for a long time, and one of my favorite things is helping kids learn how to understand the Bible. I think that sometimes people think that the Bible is just for adults, but God actually really wants kids to know about Him. So on this podcast, we are going to learn all about God’s Big Story and how he shows Himself to us through the Bible. As we learn together what the stories in the Bible mean, we can learn how to live out our faith in our every day life. 

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Rachael Groll is the host of the Hearing Jesus Podcast. As a pastor, missionary and author, her greatest calling in life is to help women learn how to hear the Lord more clearly in their lives.

Rachael has served both locally and globally, focusing on evangelism and discipleship, and counts it a privilege to share God’s Word on the podcast every week. Rachael has her undergrad degree in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University and is finishing up her MA in Bible Exposition (May 23) at Biola University.

Rachael is the author of She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus as well as numerous other titles. She and her husband, Tim live in rural Pennsylvania and have three beautiful daughters. Find more from Rachael at her website
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