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Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast

Britt Mooney
Author, pastor, former missionary, and coffee guy Britt Mooney delves into the unifying theology and powerful spiritual reality of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Gospel Jesus preached. Interviewing and discussing the theology with a diverse group of other spiritual leaders, they express the revelation that changes the world.
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Ep 21 - Theology and Everyday Life / Stephen Guerra
April 14, 2023 - 0 min
Theology is often seen as academic, scholarly, and separate from everyday life. The Bible, however, expresses something very different. Theology has a great impact on everyday life, and it should. Stephen Guerra joins the podcast to discuss theology and life. Check out this great episode.  Check out Stephen's podcast: Free Ebook: Follow us on FB:  
Ep 120 - His Only Son / David Helling
March 29, 2023 - 0 min
Has God ever asked you to do something that tested your faith or made you question His goodness? Abraham had this experience, a famous and disturbing passage in Genesis. Filmmaker David Helling has made a film to show us the Gospel in this controversial passage to strengthen our faith when life tests us. Check out my review of the movie and the interview with David as he joins us on the podcast.  His Only Son - get tickets and more here: Free Ebook: Follow us on FB: 
Ep 119 - Adventure with God / Tracy Smoak
March 16, 2023 - 0 min
A good father takes his kids on adventures, and our Father in Heaven is no different. But what does it look like to go on an adventure with God? Tracy Smoak joins the podcast to discuss her God adventures.  Tracy Smoak website: Free book: Follow KOC on FB:
Ep 118 - The Next Verse w/ Jay Payleitner
February 24, 2023 - 47 min
We all have our favorite verses. We hang them on a wall or wear them on a T-shirt. But do we know the next verse? Oftentimes the following verse can bring greater clarity and meaning to our favorite passages. Author Jay Payleitner joins the podcast to discuss how we can learn more about God and truth by continuing to read the next verse. Check out Jay Payleitner! Click here for a FREE ebook! The Truth Makes us FREE! See for privacy information.
Ep 117 - Redemptive Family
February 10, 2023 - 48 min
God's model for redemption is the family. Author Britt Mooney shares the theme of famlly from Genesis through the Church today. Free Ebook: Follow on FB: for privacy information.
Ep 116 - Joining God's Story w/ Allen Arnold
January 27, 2023 - 58 min
We all live in one of two stories - the world's story that doesn't matter and has no meaning ... or God's redemptive story of purpose and intimacy that we so long for. Author and friend Allen Arnold joins the discussion to help us know what story we are in and how we can join God in the story that matters. Go to Allen Arnold's Website HERE! Click here for a FREE ebook on how God MAKES us FREE! Follow us on FACEBOOK! See for privacy information.
Ep 115 - Share the Gospel through Story w/ Tez Brooks
January 13, 2023 - 55 min
We all want to share the Good News of Jesus. But how? Missionary and Author Tez Brooks joins the podcast to discuss sharing the radical Gospel in very simple and relational ways. Check it out! Check out the website for Tez Brooks: To get his new book, Debriefing, go here: Debriefing on AMAZON To get a FREE EBOOK - MADE FREE! Go here: FREE BOOK! See for privacy information.
Ep 114 - Kingdom Identity w/ Bill Myers
December 16, 2022 - 47 min
Too often, we allow the world to identify us by what we do or what they think of us. How does God see us? What is our identity in him? Best-selling author Bill Myers joins the podcast to discuss how we need to find our identity in the Father. Check out Bill Myers here: the free Ebook here: Follow us on Facebook: for privacy information.
Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast - Ep 113 - Kingdom Generosity / Tim Turner
November 30, 2022 - 58 min
"Generosity is the currency of the Kingdom." In a time of change, inflation, and economic hardship, we have a great opportunity to bring relief and hope to hurting people around the world. Tim Turner from Satisfeed talks on the podcast how God led him to spread the Kingdom through giving people food. Check out Satisfeed here: a free Ebook go here: follow us on social: for privacy information.
Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast - Ep 112 - Tina Yeager / Upcycled
November 11, 2022 - 51 min
Have you ever felt like you're all done, all used up, ready for the dump heap? God sees value where others see trash, even us, and he's ready to redeem and show his power. Tina Yeager joins the podcast to talk about how God "upcycles" us. Check her out at her website: a FREE ebook! for privacy information.
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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Britt Mooney loves living and telling great stories to inspire people to live on an adventure with God. Britt is a church planting pastor and author. He and his wife Becca have three amazing kids and they live in the Atlanta area.

To find more from Britt, check out his website
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