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Mama, Take Heart

with Robrenna Redl

Mama, Take Heart Episodes
Talking to Your Gen-Z Girl about Sex and Relationships
April 07, 2021 - 28 min
When should we start talking to our girls about sex? Jackie Brewton (author, youth speaker, teen relationship expert and the founder and CEO of MotivationN3D) says this: “The misnomer is that the conversation needs to be a ‘sex talk.’ I think you need to talk about sex, but I think the bigger conversation needs to be about healthy relationships.” In this episode, Jackie and Robrenna talk about: - What age-appropriate conversations about sex and relationships can look like. - Why you can’t wait until your daughter’s first relationship to start talking about dating and sex. - The trend of n*de pictures and what parents need to know. - Why you need to be careful about how you talk about other girls in your daughter’s life who make poor choices. - The difference between how guys and girls view sex and why it matters To connect with Jackie: | | Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Olga Streinkova
How to Talk to Your Gen-Z Girl about Food and Diet Culture
March 31, 2021 - 19 min
Teens gain weight. This is not a problem. It’s how they get to their adult size. But too often, mamas start to worry about their child's weight as they begin puberty, especially their daughters. In this episode, Bracha Kopstick, a registered dietitian specializing in adolescent nutrition and food freedom for youth aged 8-15, talks to Robrenna about navigating the often-loaded topic of food, diets and weight gain with our children. Bracha wants every parent to understand this: kids need to gain weight. Weight gain is not something to fear or to address. Bodies change over time. Learning to respect the growth of the body from childhood to adulthood, and respecting our own bodies as mamas, is part of modeling a healthy relationship with food. When we honor our own bodies, we better honor our children’s bodies. Here are Bracha’s 3 tips for normalizing food as a positive part of life with your children: 1. Remove judgment around food. Don’t call foods “good” or “bad.” 2. Normalize eating. There are physical AND emotional reasons for eating. 3. Try to have family meals as you can. There is a lot of research around the benefits of eating together as a family, including decreasing the risk of developing problematic eating behaviors What about teens and diet culture? Bracha and Robrenna discuss the trend of teen girls diet hop from the latest diet fad, as they hop from friend group to friend group. How should parents view these popular diets like Vegan or Keto? To connect with Bracha, follow her on , and visit her website, Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Aleksei Morozov
What Parents of Gen-Z Kids Need to Know about Sex Trafficking
March 24, 2021 - 25 min
*Please note: This episode contains sensitive and possibly upsetting conversation about trafficking.* In this episode, Robrenna talks with Paul Yates, the Executive Director of I’ve Got a Name. Then she shares Megan’s story. For more information or ways you can help see the links below: : Call 1-888-373-7888 ( TTY: 711) *Text 233733 Megan’s story recording courtesy of Vision Builders at Christ Place Church. Many thanks to them for sharing their recording with us. Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Tuuti Frutti
Transracial Adoption: A Personal Story with Sandhya Oaks
March 17, 2021 - 20 min
*Please note: This episode contains conversation about childhood abuse and trauma* In this episode, Robrenna talks with Sandhya about transracial adoption and her story of coming to Jesus. Sandhya shares practical ideas for transracial families to help them navigate and celebrate their child's birth roots. Connect with Sandhya on her or follow her on and . Sandhya is also a Race & Diversity Specialist Apprentice with . Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Elena_Zlatomrezova
Checking In with Mama
March 10, 2021 - 13 min
Mama, how are you this week? Really? We all know the saying, ‘If Mama’s not happy, no one’s happy.” That’s because moms have the unique ability to set the temperature of the home. Often, what she’s feeling directly impacts the feelings of those around her. Is your house cold right now, or warm? Today, Robrenna takes your temperature to see how you’re doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. What We Talk about This Week - 1. The power of deep, slow breathing. Adding prayer to that deep breathing can calm us. 2. Check out the Abide Bible App for mindful, God-centered meditation. 3. The why and how of journaling to shift through emotions. 4. How our adrenal system can compound our anxiety 5. The benefits of crying to help you move out of anxious, overwhelming thoughts 6. Make time - even just 15 minutes a week - doing something that brings you joy. 7. Jesus’ directly told us to rest and pray - are we following that command? 8. When you prioritize taking care of yourself, you are teaching your children to do the same. Resources to Help You: for ideas on how to recharge sign up for the free version Dr. Carolyn Leaf Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Elena_Zlatomrezova
Helping Your Gen-Z Child Work through Anxiety and Trauma
February 24, 2021 - 30 min
Every one of us has been traumatically impacted by the events of the past year. If your Gen Z child is struggling with anxiety or other trauma right now, this interview with Patria Rector has a lot of practical guidance for you. Topics Discussed in this Episode: • The difference between “Big T” and “little t” trauma • Secondary trauma, or compassion fatigue. This happens when we bear witness to the traumas of others. This is mostly present in adulthood, but children can experience this, especially in the Internet age. • How can I tell if my child is experiencing trauma? • What is the difference between experiencing trauma and being traumatized? • How can parents who are traumatized help their children navigate their own trauma? • How our bodies experience trauma and how we can help our children navigate symptoms in their bodies • What is resilience and the formula for each child’s unique resilience • Attunement – what it is and why we need this skill in order to attend to our children Resources Mentioned in this Episode: For a list of ways to take care of ourselves and each other, go to Patria’s website, The more on the work of healing: by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD by Robrenna Check out these Podcasts: Your Daily Prayer - Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Elena_Zlatomrezova
How to Help and Support Your ADHD Child
February 17, 2021 - 18 min
Today, we’re continuing our ADHD conversation with Jennifer Kampfe. We’re discussing specific strategies you can use to help your child manage their ADHD. Jennifer’s Tips: 1. Learn as much as you can about ADHD. 2. Be discerning. 3. Adjust your expectations for your child and stop comparing them with their siblings or peers. Most ADHD children are 3-5 years behind their peers in executive functions and emotional maturity. 4. Routines are key for ADHD children. Jennifer has some great tips for how to create routines that help ADHD children thrive. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: ADDitude Magazine - Recommended Doctors who specialize in ADHD: Dr. Russell Barkley - Dr. Ned Hallowell - Dr. Thomas Brown - About Jennifer: Jennifer Kampfe is a wife, a mom of five children, and an ADHD coach from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a master's degree in music therapy from Radford University in Virginia. After having two sons diagnosed with ADHD, and wanting to help them more, she began her training at the ADD Coach Academy. Connect with Jennifer online at Follow Robrenna: |
Understanding Your ADHD Child
February 10, 2021 - 25 min
In this episode, Robrenna talks with ADHD expert and coach Jennifer Kampfe about: • Their journey through their children’s diagnosis with ADHD. • What ADHD means and why it is important to understand that people with ADHD have different brain wiring that causes deficits in everyday functions. • The latest research says that ADHD isn’t actually a deficit of attention, it’s a deficit in self-regulation. • Why ADD is no longer a diagnosis and the new subsets of ADHD. • Why girls struggle to get ADHD diagnosis and why they often show different symptoms of ADHD than boys. • ADHD medication - should your child be on medicine for their ADHD? About Jennifer: Jennifer Kampfe is a wife, a mom of five children, and an ADHD coach from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a master's degree in music therapy from Radford University in Virginia. After having two sons diagnosed with ADHD, and wanting to help them more, she began her training at the ADD Coach Academy. Connect with Jennifer online at Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nadia_Bormotova
Face-to-Face Connections in a Screen-to-Screen World - Ep 7
February 03, 2021 - 32 min
Robrenna talks with Jonathan McKee about his new book, A Teen’s Guide to Face-to-Face Connections in a Screen-to-Screen World. He wrote the book with his daughter, Alyssa, who is right on the line between Millennial and Gen-Z. Topics Discussed in This Episode: • Why 2012 was such a turning point in the digital world • Why the vulnerability and honesty of younger generations can help us learn how to manage new technologies • New research on the effects of social media on girls • What happened when Alyssa decided to take a social media break • Teaching our kids that what they post now may have repercussions in the future • The benefits of delaying giving your kids phones (and how you can talk to them about waiting for that coveted phone) • How to deal with potential predatory behavior in social media apps Find more from Jonathan: Jonathan’s books can be found . Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nadia_Bormotova
Navigating Smart Phones and the Digital World with Your Kids - Ep. 6
January 27, 2021 - 30 min
Today, we’re talking about how to help our kids make wise and safe choices on social media, the Internet, and gaming apps. START Co-Founder and Executive Director Tracy Foster joins Robrenna today, and together they talk through how to engage with our kids in conversation about technology. Topics Discussed in this Episode: • How parents can feel competent and confident in awkward conversations about technology • Why the generations before us really can’t help us navigate this new frontier like we wish they could (and what we can do about it) • The #1 question Tracy gets: “How do I juggle this world where I can’t get away from screens?” • Keeping your kids safe, sane, and relationally seen in the virtual world • Why the question of quality screen time matters more than quantity of screen time (creating, connecting and consuming) • Having a “Define the Relationship” conversation with your kids about how they want you to interact with them on social media Resources Mentioned: START | Stand Together and Rethink Technology (check the resources tab for all the resources mentioned in the podcast): Check out their new podcast, Follow Robrenna: | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Irina_Strelnikova
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