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Helping Our Girls Develop Healthy Relationships with Siblings, Friends, and Us

May 12, 2021
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We all want our kids to have healthy relationships. Not just romantic relationships later in life, but healthy relationships with their siblings, their peers and friends, and with us. So what does it look like to create an home environment where our daughters learn what healthy relationships look like, and how to foster and keep their healthy relationships throughout their lives.

Today, I'm joined by Jillian Miles, a mental health practitioner and therapist who specializes in working with youth, adolescents, and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, mood regulation, and/or trauma concerns. In this episode, we discuss:

1. A holistic look at relationships for our daughters – not just their romantic relationships but their relationships with siblings, friends, family, and peers.

2. Why respect is key for our daughters developing healthy relationship boundaries.

3. How to communicate with our girls when they get to an age when they don’t necessarily want to tell you about everything in their lives.

4. Common trust issues and how to think about them.

Connect with Jillian at Kindred Psychology

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Robrenna Redl is a real, raw, no-filters kind of girl. She went from an army brat to a military veteran. A wife to Troy and mom of two young adults, she has served in women’s, children’s, and middle school ministries. Robrenna is the friend you call to walk alongside you in hard, painful places of life as well as the joyful ones. She is a volunteer for the anti-sex-trafficking organization; I’ve Got A Name and an apprentice facilitator for the Trauma Healing Institute. Her passions include mocha coffee, dark chocolate, time with family and friends, and showing God’s love, mercy, and grace to others.
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