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Mama, Take Heart

with Robrenna Redl

Reflective Journal Prompts for the End of the Year

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Reflective Journal Prompts for the End of the Year

1.What did you learn about yourself this year?
2.What were some of your challenges this year?
3.List five things you’re thankful for this year:
4.What positive things happen?
5.Who had the greatest impact on you this year?
6.How were you able to overcome obstacles?
7.What attributes of God do you want to embody this year?
8.How did you show up in 2021?
9.How do you want to show up this year?
10.How did you display kindness this year?
11.Who showed up for you?
12.How did you scale back this year?
13.Write down 7 things you like about yourself?
14.What do you need more of in your life?
15.What do you need less of in your life?
16.What do you want to leave behind in 2021?
17.What do you want to take with you into the new year?
18.What can you do to help simplify your life?
19.Write down 5 things you’d like to try.
20.When feeling anxious or stressed what can you do to recalibrate?
21.Chose a word or scripture verse to reflect on for the entire year be attuned to the Holy Spirit to see how uses that word or scripture verse to reveal himself to you.

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December 29, 2021
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Meet Your Host
Robrenna Redl is a real, raw, no-filters kind of girl. She went from an army brat to a military veteran. A wife to Troy and mom of two young adults, she has served in women’s, children’s, and middle school ministries. Robrenna is the friend you call to walk alongside you in hard, painful places of life as well as the joyful ones. She is a volunteer for the anti-sex-trafficking organization; I’ve Got A Name and an apprentice facilitator for the Trauma Healing Institute. Her passions include mocha coffee, dark chocolate, time with family and friends, and showing God’s love, mercy, and grace to others.
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