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Single Mom 101

with Jennifer Maggio

Single Mom 101 Episodes
The Secret to Happiness for a Single Mom
June 30, 2020 - 18 min
Want to know the secret to happiness as a single mom? It's not in being a perfect mom. Jennifer breaks it down in this episode of Single Mom 101. 1. We all have parenting failures, money failures, and life failures. We sometimes don't measure up. Shed the guilt. 2. Forget it. Forget about the past, our offenses, and our busyness. Get alone with Jesus. 3. Learn to trust that God has got this! Lack of trust is a heavy burden to bear. 4. Choose joy. It is a choice. The joy of the Lord strengthens us. 5. Retrain stinking thinking. We learned it. We can unlearn it. 6. Surrender and submit to who God is. He is in control. His weight is much easier! For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out . Episode Image: @Getty/biscotto87
Time Management for Busy Single Moms
June 23, 2020 - 19 min
Has there ever been a single mother who wasn’t busy? One of the most common questions Jennifer gets is, “How do I manage my time better?” In this episode, Jennifer gives single mamas some real, practical tips on managing their time in the midst of the never-ending needs and to-dos throughout the day. 1. Have a plan. We must be intentional and not assume that it will eventually get better. The busyness of single motherhood is real! 2. Implement family time. It's not about quantity, but quality. It'll help you shed the guilt! 3. Have a productive versus busy day. 4. Have fun. Laugh. A lot! 5. Rest. Be intentional about the rest. 15 minutes may be all you get, but soak in the lavender-infused bubble bath anyway! 6. Prioritize the top 3 things on your list. 7. Have daily quiet time with the Lord. For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out .
Battling Loneliness as a Single Mom
June 16, 2020 - 14 min
One of the hardest things single moms struggle with is loneliness. In this episode, Jennifer helps single moms see the blessings God has for them in their season of struggle. 1. Recognize you are never alone, even when you are feeling lonely. God goes before and holds our hands, even in the silence. 2. Look for someone else to serve, when you feel alone. 3. Stay connected to church. 4. Our intimacy with the Lord can grow during the quiet, alone times. 5. We learn more in the valley of loneliness than on the mountaintops of busyness. 6. This can be a time to work on us. What issues have we ignored? For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out
Everything You Need to Know to Parent Well
June 04, 2020 - 15 min
Jennifer gets right to it in this episode – she dives deep into 8 key things single moms need to know to thrive as parents. 1. You must first address the "I" in Parenting. 2. Learn to enjoy your current season, albeit hard. 3. Learn to pursue the gifts God put inside you. 4. Shed the guilt and inadequacy. 5. Live as an example to your children. Do what you want them to copy. 6. Is God your everything or just something? 7. Learn to trust the Lord with your past, present, and fears. 8. Your children will make mistakes. Give them room to do so. For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out
Finding Mr. Right (7 Dating Principles for Single Moms)
May 28, 2020 - 14 min
If you have decided that dating is a part of your present or will someday be in your future, you’re probably already thinking through what you’d want to see in a future husband. Drawing from her wealth experience in helping single moms successfully navigating dating, Jennifer shares seven principles for dating as a single mom. 1. Only date when healthy. 2. Set boundaries early. 3. Proceed with caution. 4. Don't ignore the red flags of Mr. Wrong! 5. Don't be ruled by emotions. 6. When God speaks, respond with obedience. 7. Be a godly woman of high integrity. For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out
Episode 1: The Top 5 Things Every Single Mom Needs to Know
May 26, 2020 - 19 min
Jennifer likes to say that she “eats, sleeps and breathes” single moms. Her mission, and the mission of her ministry, is that no single mom would ever walk alone. In this introduction episode, Jennifer shares her story as a single mother and packs a TON of helpful information into one episode. Jennifer’s 5 Top Things that Every Single Mom Should Know: 1. You will make it. 2. Learn to ignore the naysayers. 3. Learn to forgive well & often. 4. Manage your money well, no matter how much you do or don't have. 5. Do not be a victim of comparison. For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out
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