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168. When My Brother Died, God said, NO! Hear His Story for God’s Glory

June 29, 2023
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God uses the darkest moments to show us He will never leave us. Today, I'm sharing a very emotional and difficult story because it could save your life or a family member's life.

I will never forget the phone call I received on December 4th, 2022. I heard these words," Your brother had a heart attack, and it doesn’t look good!" There was so much unknown and confusion. My first thought was, how? Tommy is extremely fit! My family was in utter shock. 

At 43 years old, my brother, Tommy Dolan suffered a heart attack and died. This is the story of how he went from death to life.

If you are going through a health crisis or if someone you love is, and you need faith that God can do the impossible, Tommy and Danielle Dolan will build your faith to a new level. God has a word for you in this message that could transform your life and maybe even save it. 

Tommy and his wife, Danielle, open up about what happened on December 4th, 2022, what saved his life, what we need to do to save a life, and what God has done through this.

Faith fuel

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20 

To connect with Tommy or Danielle Dolan

Tommy Dolan Facebook, Instagram

Danielle Dolan Facebook, Instagram

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Please share this with your friends and family. You could save a life.

Remember, You are Strong. Confident. His.

Kim Dolan Leto

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Kim Dolan Leto is The World’s Leading Bible-based fitness expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and the founder and brand developer of Faith Inspired Transformation (F.I.T.). Kim is the author of Fit God’s Way, 10 Steps to Your Faith Inspired Transformation, F.I.T., and The Strong. Confident. His  Faith and Fitness Devotional.  She graduated with a B.S.B.A. Kim is a professionally trained speaker, certified fitness instructor, and nutrition specialist, a winner of the ESPN Fitness America competition, a top-five finisher in the Ms. Fitness World competition, and a twenty-five-time magazine cover model.

In addition to having her work published in Jesus Calling, The Christian Post, Relevant, Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, Hers, Fitness, Success, Faith and Fitness Magazine, Train, and other fitness publications, she has been featured on The 700 Club, Life Today, Hope Today, Prayerlink, TBN, CBN, Fox, ESPN, ABC, and she was the Faith and Fitness Expert on HIS Radio. Her F.I.T. Workout Series currently streams on Pure Flix and she hosts her weekly podcast, Strong. Confident. His. Kim and her husband live in Scottsdale, Arizona with their three children.

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