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A Better Way to View Our Anger & Resentment (Decoding Our Distress, Pt 4)

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We all get angry, although maybe some of us do not recognize it or feel the need to deny it. The feelings associated with anger are a part of the human experience. In the therapy space, I often see how anger causes a significant level of distress. If not acknowledged carefully and resolved it will grow into resentment which holds our hearts in captivity, impacting our relationships with God and others.

Anger is like armor, it is powerful and assertive, and vital to protecting our sense of self. In therapy, it is often said that anger is a secondary emotion because it often acts in response to deeper displaced emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame.

Questions We Will Consider in this Episode:

1. How do we become a people shaped by righteous anger that reflects God’s character?
2. Cause - What or who is trigger my anger?
3. Quality - What is our focus change or revenge?
4. Expression - What do you choose to do with it?

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Beyond Identity by Dick Keyes:
Liturgy - Every Moment Holy:

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September 08, 2022
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A northerner by heart southerner by choice, Carley currently calls Virginia her home. After completing her Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, Carley began to develop a passion for integrating the principles of counseling practice with the foundation of Christian theology. In addition to her clinical work, Carley is passionate about discussing topics of faith, theology, psychology, and everything in between on her social media platforms, Instagram, and Facebook.
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