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Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo

Rachel Wojo
Author Rachel Wojo helps you clear your head and calm your heart in the chaos of life. You can move closer to God, despite the crashing waves and blowing winds surrounding your heart or home.
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3 Ways to Treasure God's Word in Difficult Times
March 22, 2023 - 23 min
Are you struggling in a difficult season, feeling discouraged, disillusioned, or defeated? Join Rachel's session as she unpacks three practical ways to treasure God's Word during difficult times and discover the strength to keep going. Rachel will teach you how to "spiritually habit-stack" to gain ground against the enemy! 3 Ways to Treasure God's Word in Difficult Times Keep God's Word close to your heart by keeping it close by. Learn to spiritually habit-stack. It's super simple with great benefits!  Embrace simple journaling methods.  RESOURCES MENTIONED: Trusting God in the Dark Journal Rest for the Weary Journal Restore Me from Hurting to Healing JournalSee for privacy information.
Prayers God Always Answers
March 15, 2023 - 16 min
While much Scripture can be mulled over and meditated on regarding prayer, I believe there are at least five prayers God always answers. His Word promises he will fulfill his work, and when I’m struggling with wanting answers from God, I return to this little list in my phone notes. What are the prayers God always answers? Join Rachel as she dives into these five prayers that God always answers and teaches us to align our hearts with his. Lord, forgive me. God, help me trust you. Father, your will be done. God, I don't know what to say. Lord, do your work in and through me. SCRIPTURES: Psalm 86 Mark 9 Matthew 6:9-13 1 Corinthians 3:16-23 RESOURCES A Prayer to Surrender - Free Printable In His Presence Bible Reading Plan & Journal Digital Download    See for privacy information.
How to Lean In and Hear God's Heartbeat for You
March 9, 2023 - 16 min
Ever wish you could crawl up into your heavenly Father's lap and hear his heartbeat? Listen in as Rachel shares a message to help you lean in and hear God's heartbeat for you! You won't want to miss the lesson on 3 principles of drawing near God. God is searching for hearts that are searching for him. James 4:8, Hebrews 11:6, and Jeremiah 9:13 God has chosen you to be his son or daughter, a child of the King. Psalm 138:8 God has placed his spirit in you to speak to you. John 16:13, John 14:26 Thanks to the team at LifeAudio network for their partnership on this podcast. RESOURCES: In His Presence Journal Digital Download Help Is Here by Max LucadoSee for privacy information.
Who Couldn't Use More Joy?!
March 1, 2023 - 12 min
If you're struggling for joy in this season of life, then don't miss this episode: Who Couldn't Use More Joy?! You'll love Rachel's encouragement taken from a back-to-the-basics Sunday School song and Luke 19:1-10.If you'd like the secret to hurrying to your quiet time with the Lordreceiving Jesus joyfully and serving him transforming your outlookthen this episode is for you!Check out the benefits to receiving and serving Jesus joyfully as you spend time in his presence.RESOURCES MENTIONEDFREE In His Presence Bible Reading Plan In His Presence Bible Reading Plan and Journal PDFSupport the showSee for privacy information.
Identifying Your Prayer Struggles
February 22, 2023 - 15 min
Is prayer a struggle right now? If you long for a stronger prayer life, you'll appreciate Rachel's encouragement to identify the root cause of your prayer struggle so you can overcome it!Whether your struggle isa lack of motivationa lack of inspirationdistractionsdoubts about the effectiveness of prayeronce you've identified the root cause, Rachel provides solutions to combat these issues. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your prayer life!RESOURCES MENTIONEDPray Every Day Podcast with Mary DemuthPrayers of Rest Podcast with Asheritah Ciuciu31 Days of Prayers for the Heart Prayer CardsSupport the showSee for privacy information.
Ways to Love A Friend Who's Grieving
February 15, 2023 - 11 min
Sometimes you think you know someone. Until grief hits. Then suddenly, your friendship seems jeopardized by something you didn't see coming- LOSS.If you could use some practical help with understanding how to love your friend who has experienced loss of any kind, you'll want to tune in for a few tips from Rachel.Understand what to do if your friend acts distantKnow how to offer assistanceFigure out how to accept a "no" when your help goes unwantedRESOURCES:One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving UpSupport the showSee for privacy information.
Loving Your Spouse When Life Is Hard
February 8, 2023 - 14 min
Do you struggle with knowing how to love your spouse well when life is challenging?If discouragement threatens to steal your marital joyIf you need to hear from someone who understands the challenge of coping with grief when spouses process differentlyIf you want encouragement to keep going in the challenging circumstances every marriage encountersThen this episode is for you!Rachel and her husband both lost their fathers in a span of four months just recently. Tune in as she shares 5 ways to love your spouse when life is hard.RESOURCESEvery Marriage Is A Fixer Upper- Bill and Pam FarrelFree Bible Verse Valentine PrintablesSupport the showSee for privacy information.
How God's Word Heals Your Heart
February 1, 2023 - 21 min
Need to experience heart healing? Whether isolation, rejection, distress, or unexpected circumstances, everyone has encountered issues that left a hole in their heart. Join Rachel in episode 46, How God's Word Heals Your Heart, and discover:how to embrace a willingness and desire to healwhat to remember to do when things feel out of controlwhat to know about the moment-by-moment process of healingWalk through Psalm 107 with Rachel as she explains the stories of this psalm and how you, too, can embrace God's healing hand on your heart.RESOURCESRestore Me from Hurting to Healing: 31 Days of Embracing God's Healing Hand on Your Heart PaperbackRestore Me from Hurting to Healing: 31 Days of Embracing God's Healing Hand on Your Heart Digital DownloadSupport the showSee for privacy information.
Bible Verses for Seasons of Sorrow
January 25, 2023 - 18 min
Life can be challenging when you're attempting to manage grief. Join Rachel in this episode as she dives into God's Word and shares over 75 Bible verses for seasons of sorrow. These verses will help you manage grief whenlife is hardyour heart achesthere's no light at the end of the tunnelyou're tired of tearsyou need confident courage to keep goingyou simply need comfortyou are exhausted from sufferingyou need hope to rise againyou need hope.your heart is heavyEnjoy this journaling resource:Restore Me from Hurting to Healing: 31 Days of Embracing God's Healing Hand on your HeartSupport the showSee for privacy information.
7 Simple Tips for Scheduling Quiet Time with God
January 18, 2023 - 16 min
Struggling to find the minutes in your schedule to prioritize your quiet time?If it feels like your quiet time gets lost in the busyness of life, you'll love Rachel's 7 simple tips for scheduling quiet time with God.These 7 tips are short and simple, yet thought-provoking and encouraging. If you long to experience Bible reading and prayer that is moving and meaningful but you need both space and grace to make it happen, then this podcast episode is a wealth of information and ideas.Enjoy 7 simple tips for scheduling quiet time with God as Rachel shares from her heart and encourages yours!RESOURCES MENTIONEDOne More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving UpTrusting God in the Dark Bible Reading Plan and JournalSupport the showSee for privacy information.
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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Rachel Wojo is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and podcaster. The ideal desperate pray-er to shed light on asking God questions, Rachel’s journey includes losing her mother to leukemia, her adult special needs daughter to a rare neurologically-degenerative disease, and her father to illness. As an entrepreneur living in Columbus, Ohio, she self-started and developed a blog to business platform over the last decade. She hosts Bible reading challenges on her popular blog,, which rallies readers of all ages to search God’s Word for solutions to life’s problems. Her biblical approach and life circumstances influence women to find strength and hope in everyday situations.

Rachel is the author of One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up. She is a public speaker and contributor to well-known faith-based publications for many companies. Mostly, Rachel is crazy in love with Matt, mom to six on earth and two in heaven.
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