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What Role Does the Church Play in Racial Reconciliation?

September 08, 2021
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In this episode, we cover:

1. The term “racial reconciliation” and the ways that God’s Word has spoken to the reality of racial division but also, God’s deep commitment to the work of not just spiritual, but ethnic and racial reconciliation.

2. This history of racial division in the United States and the part racial reconciliation plays in healing this division.

3. The role the church plays starts with the right posture: not from a place of trying to achieve unity, but from a place of realizing and remembering that peace has already been achieved.

4. The church can pursue racial reconciliation by displaying the love of God to one another and to the world.

Scripture referenced:
Genesis 11 and 12; Matthew 28; Acts 2; Revelation 7; Ephesians 2

Rayshawn Graves is a pastor and writer from Richmond, Virginia.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Rayshawn Graves is a pastor and writer from Richmond, Virginia who enjoys thinking about how the truth of God's Word speaks into the lives of everyday people. When he's not hanging out with his wife and two children, Rayshawn's passions include working for ethnic unity in the church, listening to others' stories, reading, and sneaker culture.
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