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August 08, 2023
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Never let past troubles dictate and determine your present or future. Yes, we can learn from the mistakes that we made in our past, but allowing them to keep us stuck in the past is inexcusable! Whatever you’ve done or failed at, “let your testimony overcome your transgressions”! Your mind and spirit are to be of one accord.  

32 years ago my defensive backs’ coach and I did not see eye to eye. We had some hellacious screaming matches, and in the end, I lost. I was eventually benched! For years, my mind and spirit were polar opposites. The Adversary convinced me that I hated this man, when actually I did not. After all those years, we finally reconciled. Our conversation went nothing like I imagined. 

Here are the facts! We cannot build a God-approved life from a pile of rubble. The hurt, pain, sin, and transgressions must be relinquished to the Holy Spirit. What is holding onto you so tightly that your mind cannot let go of? Whatever it is, however long it has been tugging at your heart, mind, and soul, LET IT GO! I am Billy Yancey. God is THE GOAT!

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Billy Yancey is an African American entrepreneur and has been in the fitness industry for over 28 years. He is the creator and driving force behind the leading fitness technology company, ANABO Exercise and Nutrition. Anabo was established in 2004 and, at 18 years in business, Billy holds the distinction as the longest-running African American gym owner in Virginia Beach.

With Anabo, Billy brings a pioneering approach to fitness and health to the Coastal Virginia area and beyond with his personalized and timed technique. As a business owner, Billy remained confident and resolute in spite of two divorces, two bankruptcies and the mayhem of the COVID pandemic, and has emerged with a thriving enterprise.

He has produced two books. Rocket Fuel, aimed at helping people battle through adversity, especially young adults, and Anabo Nutrition, a step-by-step guide to achieving excellent health using foundational processes. Billy is currently developing a mobile application for Anabo’s fitness levels with his team and will soon launch a vodcast called “Rocket Fuel: Talent Will Only Get You So Far.”
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