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Relieve Stress & Feel Blessed Using This Joy Multiplier in Your Relationships #109

February 12, 2024
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When was the last time you felt the warmth of a true heart connection? In this episode, Bonnie Gray delves into the essence of social wellness and its profound impact on our lives. As loneliness emerges as a pressing concern in today's world, Bonnie invites us to explore the depths of our hearts in connecting with others. 

Learn the fascinating meaning of "blessed" in the Bible and its connection to relationships. Embrace the joy of shared experiences and the power of reciprocal relationships in nourishing your soul. Drawing from personal anecdotes, Bonnie sheds light on the beauty of sharing joy with others and the blessings it brings.
Tune into this episode to discover how moments of connection not only multiply joy but also enhance resilience and overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:

- Joy Multiplication: Sharing joy with others multiplies your own joy and enhances overall well-being.
- Soul Care: Resilience Building: Storytelling and connection contribute to building resilience, aiding in bouncing back from challenges.
- Science: Learn the Health Benefits: Time spent with friends reduces stress, boosts happiness, and strengthens the immune system.

Breath Prayer: (Inhale) You go before me and you follow me // (Exhale) You place your hand of blessing on my head

Scripture Promise: "You go before me and you follow me. You place your hand of
blessing on my head." Psalm 139:5


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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Bonnie Gray is the author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace and Whispers of Rest. An inspirational speaker and retreat leader, she has touched thousands of lives through storytelling, visual arts, nature, prayer and meditation. Bonnie’s writing is featured at Relevant Magazine, (in)courage, and Christianity Today. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons.
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