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Why Nurturing Your Way Out of Stress Works & Why Trying to Think Your Way Out of Stress Makes Everything Worse #94

October 23, 2023
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In this week's Breathe podcast, where we're talking about how to nurture your way out of stress.

We often think that the best way to deal with stress is to try to solve our problems. But what if we could actually nurture ourselves out of stress?

In this episode, we'll explore the myths we believe about our emotions and how they can actually lead us to hear God's invitation. We'll also talk about the importance of staying hydrated and journaling as soul care practices that can help us process our emotions and find peace.


- Nurturing your way out of stress is more important than trying to solve your way out of stress.

- Our emotions are gold because they lead us to hear God's invitation.

- God cares about how you feel and invites you to nurture your way out of anxiety.

- When you feel weary and languishing, God will replenish what's been poured out.

- Staying hydrated is a soul care practice that nourishes your body and tells your nervous system everything's going well.

- Journaling can help you process your emotions and move them from a place in your brain called the amygdala to a part of your brain that will be much calmer.

Breath Prayer: Inhale: You satisfy my weary soul // Exhale: Every languishing soul, You will replenish.

Scripture: "For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish." Jeremiah 31:25


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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Bonnie Gray is the author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace and Whispers of Rest. An inspirational speaker and retreat leader, she has touched thousands of lives through storytelling, visual arts, nature, prayer and meditation. Bonnie’s writing is featured at Relevant Magazine, (in)courage, and Christianity Today. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons.
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