Compared to Who? Body Image for Christian Women
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Is It Even Possible to Be Naked and Unashamed? Genesis 2

May 05, 2023
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In Genesis 2:25, we read how Adam and Eve were in the garden and "naked and unashamed." But most women with body image issues aren't experiencing this kind of freedom in their intimate lives. Just thinking about being "naked and unashamed" is nerve-wracking for most of us.

But the truth is: What your body looks like has little to do with how well you can connect with your husband in the bedroom.

If having a "hot" body meant great sex and great marriages, then Hollywood would be the mecca of great relationships. And, yet? That's not what we see playing out there. What is sex designed for? Does sex require us to look a certain way in order to enjoy it?

Sex isn't supposed to be "Look at me" but how can we join together and love each other well.

On today's show Heather makes three observations about this Genesis 2:25 verse. She discusses all the ways we've absorbed culture's messages around sex and our bodies and how they hurt our intimate lives. Heather also digs into how culture teaches us to strive for being "naked and unashamed" in every area of life. But what if this goal is misguided? Could it be that the only context in which we are designed to be naked without any shame is in the context of marriage after we've become one flesh with another person? What's our motivation to be naked and unashamed?

Heather encourages you through this episode that intimacy issues are rarely about our bodies, which gives us great hope for better marriages and sex lives--no matter how our bodies age or change.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Heather Creekmore writes and speaks hope to thousands of women each week inspiring them to stop comparing and start living. Her first book Compared to Who? encourages women to uncover the spiritual root of body image issues and find freedom. Her latest release, The Burden of Better, offers women a journey into the depths of God's grace to find a way off the treadmill of constant comparison. Heather has been featured on Fox News, Huff Post, Morning Dose, Church Leaders, and For Every Mom, along with dozens of other shows and podcasts. But she's best recognized for her appearance as a contestant on the Netflix hit show, Nailed It. Heather and her fighter-pilot-turned-pastor husband, Eric have four children and live in Austin, Texas.

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