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Actress Rose Reid Wants Viewers to Walk Away Feeling *This* After Watching Her Movies

January 23, 2024
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Michael Foust recently sat down with actress Rose Reid to discuss her upcoming show 'A Thousand Tomorrows.' Here is a look at their conversation:

Actress Rose Reid didn’t have to think long before accepting a role in the new Pure Flix series 'A Thousand Tomorrows', which follows the story of a female barrel racer who falls in love with a bull rider.

Reid grew up around horses. In fact, she was actually a barrel racer.

“When I was born, [my mom] was like, this girl is going to ride [horses] before she rides bicycles. So indeed I did,” Reid told Christian Headlines, laughing. Reading the script, she said, was like a dream come true.

“This is exactly what I've always dreamed of doing.’ And it was just such a dream to get to work with the animals again,” she said.

'A Thousand Tomorrows' is based on the bestselling novel by Karen Kingsbury and tells the story of a cocky bull rider named Cody Gunnar (Colin Ford) who has a history of pushing people away until he meets Reid’s character, Ali Daniels. Kingsbury and her son Tyler Russell co-wrote the script.

The Pure Flix series is about faith, Reid said, but the story is not “sugar-coated.”

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*Please note: This interview was originally conducted in February 2023.

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