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The Chosen's Nick Shakoour Converts to Christianity: 'I Felt Like I Was Given a Brand New Body'

January 16, 2024
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A well-known actor in The Chosen is opening up about his faith journey, saying he had never had a personal encounter with Jesus until he took the role in the Bible-based hit series and was influenced by Christians behind the scenes.

Nick Shakoour, who portrays Zebedee, said that the series has had a significant impact on his life. His character is the father of James and John.

"I literally felt like I was given a brand new body – brand new everything," he said, choking back tears. "... But since that's happened, I don't have the sensation of hunger, and I don't get thirsty. So now I've got to go out of my way to remind myself to drink water and eat – and I [formerly] was someone that would [eat] six meals a day … for the workouts. And it's like God came and went, 'No, you don't need all those six meals.'

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