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Faith Over Fear

with Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

Episode 6: Moving Past the Fear of Insignificance

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God created us for a purpose, and our purpose can only be found in Him. Whenever we seek significance apart from Him, we end up feeling incomplete. They cannot fill our core need to find our place in a story that extends far beyond us.

Many of us understand, at least intellectually, that we were created to know Christ and make Him known. But when everyone else seems to be living such glamorous or effective and efficient lives and we feel stuck in the tedium of parenthood or our normal career responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of this. In this episode, Jennifer Slattery and Grace Fox discuss truths that can move us from fear of insignificance to a deeply satisfying purpose.

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller
Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman's Guide to Peace by Grace Fox.
Wholly Loved Living Loved Conference. (Find information HERE.)

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Group Discussion Questions:
1. Consider your times of striving. What do you think motivates your behavior?
2. In your typical day, whose voice do you give more credence to, God’s or other humans’? Why do you think this is?
3. Why is it important for us to recognize our purpose extends beyond our current roles?
4. How might our expression of our purpose change, based on our seasons or circumstances?
5. How can you live out your purpose to know God and make Him known this week?
March 26, 2020
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Meet Your Hosts
Jennifer Slattery is an author, speaker, and ministry leader passionate about helping God's children reach their full potential and live fully surrendered to Christ. Find her online at

Follow Jennifer:
Jodie Bailey is a Carolina girl who believes in the transformational power of the story when God is allowed to hold the pen. As an Army wife, she developed a love for serving and speaking to other Army spouses as a Protestant Women of the Chapel study leader, a Family Readiness Group leader, and an Army Family Team Building instructor. She began her writing career by creating content for PWOC’s international e100 women’s study and contributing to military family devotions and blogs. She is also a multi-published inspirational fiction author. Jodie lives in North Carolina with her husband, her daughter, and two dogs. You can stop by and say hi at
Ava Pennington is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. She’s also a freelance editor, a certified coach for Christian writers and speakers, and a mentor in Word Weavers Intl. And she teaches a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. She also received an Adult Bible Studies certificate from Moody Bible Institute and is trained as a Precepts Ministries instructor. She is the author of Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional, co-author of 2 children’s picture books and has contributed to numerous magazines and anthologies. Visit her online at to learn more.
Kimi Miller is a California native who grew up in the Midwest. She is a United States Air Force veteran and former pastor of women’s ministry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and a master’s degree in Christian Ministry with a concentration in Theology. She works full-time as an administrative assistant for the local police department and enjoys conversing with her friends over coffee in her free time. Her laughter is contagious, as is her passion for the Word of God. You can connect with Kimi through her blog
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