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Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 7: The Courage to Let Go of FOMO

April 01, 2020   ●   29:22
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Psychologists say a growing number of us have developed a fear of missing out. We’re afraid if we don’t respond to that message now, our friends will contact someone else, form stronger relationships with them, and we’ll be excluded. We worry, if we don’t accept that opportunity or say yes to that client, we won’t get that promotion.

In each of these instances, if we dig deep enough, we’ll often discover a core need has been threatened such as the need for purpose, love, security, or belonging. The problem comes when we attempt to meet our needs in our own strength and wisdom. As with any fear, fear of missing out pushes us into self-reliance, which distances us from God and hinders our ability to hear Him and receive His guidance. To overcome, we need to trust in Him, follow Him, and lean on Him.

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Group Discussion Questions:
1. What are some ways you’ve seen the fear of missing out present itself in adults’ lives?
2. Pause to consider—what deeper fear, related to a core need, might have been triggered?
3. How does or has FOMO pushed you into striving and self-reliance?
4. How easy is it for you to trust God’s sovereignty in your life?
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