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Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 8: Moving Past the Fear of Exposure

April 08, 2020   ●   30:58
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We fear being truly known, but we also yearn for the relational intimacy that can only come when we unveil who we truly are. We can either live in hiding, always afraid of being called out, or we can have the courage to live authentically. As we continually step into the light, God reveals every hidden area of darkness within—sin, hurts, shame, not to condemn or shame us but to heal, transform and free us.

Becoming His Princess - A seven-week Bible study on the life of Sarai/Sarah (Gen. 12-23).
Unexpected Love by Julie Coleman

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. How does self-revelation lead to deeper relationships?
2. How can fear of exposure hinder relational intimacy?
3. Do you have a relationship where you feel fully known and deeply loved?
4. In what ways has fear of exposure hindered your relationships in the past?
5. What does it mean to you to step into the light?
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