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Uncovering What’s Beneath Our Emotional Reactions with Steve Carter – Ep. 69

August 31, 2021
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When we have the courage to be emotionally honest and evaluate our reactions from a sense of curiosity rather than shame, we’re better able to process everything from a position of love and grace. We all have “the thing” beneath the “thing,” but we also have a gentle loving Savior who invites us to uncover those hurts and false narratives that hold us back and to steadily advance toward greater freedom.

Steve Carter is a pastor, speaker, author, podcast host, and the former lead teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. He hosts the Craft & Character podcast where he helps people get better at the art of communication while ensuring their character always leads the way. He also cohosts, with NFL players Sam Acho and Trey Burton, the popular Home Team Podcast. His desire is to bring Jesus into every conversation and space he occupies.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. How comfortable are you with being emotionally honest?
2. Do your typical reactions tend to be rooted in love or shame?
3. What might it look like to embrace a sense of curiosity when you behave in ways you wish you hadn’t?
4. How does it help you to know God’s focus is on teaching, not condemning, you?
5. What are some ways you guard your heart?
6. What are some ways you feed your heart?
7. What are some ways you remind yourself of your true north?
8. How can focusing on your true north help you in challenging situations?
9. What is one action step God is asking you to take this coming week to uncover and/or deal with your thing beneath the thing?

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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Jennifer Slattery, founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, is a multi-published author, national speaker, and speaking coach passionate about helping God's children reach their full potential and live fully surrendered to Christ. She is a host on Your Daily Bible Verse and Faith Over Fear. Find her online at
Meet Your Hosts
Carol Ogle McCracken is a fun-loving wedding planner, speaker, Bible teacher, and author who brings to Scripture to inspire a personal, vibrant relationship with Him. Her authentic challenges faced while journeying through alcoholism, raising a child with special needs, and divorce, equip her to teach, entertain and encourage you. Carol currently serves as the Minister of Discipleship at her home church and is a Christian communicator in many different forums, large and small, and especially enjoys teaching at women’s retreats. Her book Wisdom, Where to Find It if You've Lost, Forgotten, or Never Had It was released in November 2020.
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