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The Queen and Attachment Theory (SOS10)

May 07, 2023
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What does God, the King see when he gazes into the beat-up weary eyes of the Queen? We know that whatever he sees, it does not reduce his love for her at all. That is the gospel. The King loves beat-up, shamed, sinners, the impure, the rejected and isolated. 


But what does he see? We are going to use Attachment theory models to help us better understand her struggles to experience his love for her.They are also ours. Make sure that you FOLLOW the podcast wherever you listen to them. Give us a review on Apple Podcast, or Podchaser. Thanks ahead of time.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Dr. Bill Senyard is a husband, father, pastor, church revitalization consultant, biblical scholar, author of over 14 books, and creator of three online gospel immersion journeys. His primary gift is asking good questions and not being always satisfied with the usual pat answers. The gospel is more powerful than we expect. It's time we start believing that. Want to go deeper? You are at the right place.
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