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The Sermon on the Mount 25: The Beatitudes

May 15, 2022
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Dr Bill is taking us on an informative and provocative journey through the Sermon on the Mount. It is the capstone of the entire gospel message of Jesus. If we don’t understand what Jesus is saying and means to say, it will affect our experience of Him and His Spirit. We think that your life will be changed as you wrestle with us on this path.

About it, Frederick Bruner writes, “I think something actually happens to listening people when Jesus’ Beatitudes are passed on to them…The Beatitudes are concentrated Gospel…The person for whom the experience of impoverishment is a spiritual crisis, who groans in his or her spirit under the poverty, who is on the way down and who cries out—to this person Jesus announces, “Look up! I am here, taking your part, and the Kingdom I bring is especially for you!” (160)

The Sermon on the Mount is the core foundation for all the rest of Jesus’ gospel. The Beatitudes (the Blessed Bes) are the cornerstone for the entire Sermon on the Mount, and the first beatitude (5:3) is the pinnacle of it all.

Welcome to the Sermon on the Mount.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Dr. Bill Senyard is a husband, father, pastor, church revitalization consultant, biblical scholar, author of over 14 books, and creator of three online gospel immersion journeys. His primary gift is asking good questions and not being always satisfied with the usual pat answers. The gospel is more powerful than we expect. It's time we start believing that. Want to go deeper? You are at the right place.
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