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Understanding Ezekiel 33 #140

November 27, 2023
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In this episode of Inside The Epicenter, Joel dives deep into Ezekiel chapter 33 and its significance in Bible prophecy. They discuss the role of a watchman, the responsibility of believers to warn others, and the importance of understanding the future as revealed in the Scriptures. Joel explains the components of being a biblical prophet and highlights the profound truths communicated through Ezekiel. He also touches on the power and purpose of Bible prophecy, addressing why many pastors today are not teaching it and how we can help rediscover its importance. Prepare for a thought-provoking discussion on the role of prophecy in our lives and our responsibility as believers. So, grab your Bible and join us as we go Inside the Epicenter.

  • (03:39) Warning of the sword's consequences is essential.
  • (07:14) Warn the wicked or be held accountable.
  • (08:59) Watchman: know what's coming, decision for Jesus, heaven or hell, responsibility.
  • (12:56) Ezekiel's role is to communicate God's word.
  • (16:51) 27% of Bible verses are future prophecies.
  • (20:12) God wants you to understand all scripture.
  • (21:43) Insufficient medical education leads to dangerous outcomes.
  • (25:33) Lack of understanding and preparation for Christ's return.

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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times bestselling author & Middle East expert. He has spent 20 years bringing a uniquely Biblical view on the Epicenter; this podcast will share insights from his private meetings with presidents, prime ministers, kings, and clerics.
Meet Your Hosts
Dr. Carl Moeller is the Executive Director of The Joshua Fund. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Penn State, a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Utah.
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