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Stories from Israel's Southern Border #162

February 13, 2024
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Welcome to a powerful episode of Inside The Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg. In this episode, we dive deep into the aftermath of a harrowing attack by Hamas on Israeli communities. We hear from families affected by the traumas of war and the ongoing hostage crisis. Join us as we listen to evangelical Christian leaders who have traveled to Israel to bear witness to the horrors and lend their support. From heart-wrenching personal stories to calls for solidarity and action, this episode provides gripping insight into the impact of conflict on innocent lives. Tune in for an unforgettable account of courage, resilience, and the unwavering determination to bring hope to the epicenter of turmoil.


  • (00:00) Media biased, Israel's voices not heard.
  • (04:13) Forty babies were slaughtered in Kfar Aza, an unimaginable horror.
  • (09:31) Solidarity and hope will defeat darkness.
  • (12:51) Understanding families affected by trauma and war.

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Verse of the Day: Romans chapter 12:15. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. 

Prayer Request:

Prayer requests today are to pray for the families in Israel going through difficult times that God's grace will be poured out on them and that they will be encouraged. 

Pray that the love of God grows in the Middle East throughout the epicenter And that everyone in Israel and the entire epicenter would come to know the reality of God's love


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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times bestselling author & Middle East expert. He has spent 20 years bringing a uniquely Biblical view on the Epicenter; this podcast will share insights from his private meetings with presidents, prime ministers, kings, and clerics.
Meet Your Hosts
Dr. Carl Moeller is the Executive Director of The Joshua Fund. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Penn State, a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Utah.
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