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What Does a United Church in the Middle East Look Like? #138

November 14, 2023
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Welcome to another Inside The Epicenter episode with host Joel Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller. In today’s episode, Joel gives a profound message on John chapters 13 and 17, where Jesus prays for unity among believers. He explores the significance of being one with God and each other while acknowledging the divisions that still exist. From the challenges faced by messianic Jewish and Palestinian evangelical communities to the need for love, unity, and prayer, this episode brings important insights and hopes for a more unified church in the region. Get ready to discover the power of biblical unity, its need at this time, and its impact on evangelism as we go inside the Epicenter.


  • (00:32) Jesus’ prayer for us during difficult times.
  • (04:06) Jesus’ longest prayer, which is divided into sections.
  • (08:10) “The men whom You gave me.” 
  • (12:45) Jesus prays for unity.
  • (19:39) "Love and unity testify Jesus' transformative power."
  • (22:04) Carnality, unkindness, snarkiness, and divisiveness rob joy.
  • (27:05) Christ unites Jews and Gentiles, promoting peace.
  • (33:30) Unity: Different thoughts and emotions; disagreement allowed.
  • (37:41) Father said no, but it wasn't sin.
  • (40:30) Church divisions plague Jewish and Arab believers.
  • (43:30) The Bible teaches lines we must not cross.
  • (48:21) Uniting church in the Middle East for peace.


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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times bestselling author & Middle East expert. He has spent 20 years bringing a uniquely Biblical view on the Epicenter; this podcast will share insights from his private meetings with presidents, prime ministers, kings, and clerics.
Meet Your Hosts
Dr. Carl Moeller is the Executive Director of The Joshua Fund. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Penn State, a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Utah.
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