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Jim Moss on Faith, Discipline, and Encouragement: Lessons from a Firefighter's Life

November 14, 2023
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As someone who's been part of the firefighting community for years, I've often pondered upon how our words and actions define our credibility, both on the job and in our faith journey. My dear friend, Jim Moss, fire captain, author, speaker, Christ follower, and a father, joins me to shed light on these reflections, sharing pearls of wisdom from his book, Firefighter Success: 20 C's to Firefighter Excellence.

The value of words becomes an undeniable truth as we navigate through the conversation. We touch upon the power of words in building or diminishing credibility, and the subsequent impact on our professional and personal relationships. Drawing from personal anecdotes, biblical insights, and firsthand experiences in the fire service, we discuss how words can serve as a vehicle to express Christ's love and uplift others around us. Jim drives home the idea of using words not as mere tools of communication, but as instruments of encouragement and inspiration.

Our discussion also delves into the concept of discipline, painting it not as a punishment but as a corrective measure. We stress on the importance of disciplining with love, an approach that fosters growth, guides individuals onto the right path, and strengthens bonds. Drawing parallels from our firehouse experiences, we explore how these principles can be seamlessly transferred into our faith and day-to-day lives. Our heartfelt thanks go to our podcast partners at Life Audio. Tune in for an enlightening mix of faith, wisdom, and real-life firefighting experiences

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Jason Sautel spent much of his early adulthood as a decorated firefighter in one of the toughest firehouses in the country and today shares Christ-centered stories and lessons from his time there with his 600,000+ Facebook followers. He loves his wife of sixteen years, Kristie, his four two-legged children, and his two four-legged children. He appreciates God’s gifts of donuts, surfing, and Maui.
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