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Lance Hahn: Understanding God's Love through Life's Trials

September 26, 2023
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Ever wondered how one's personal faith journey can bring them closer to God, even amidst struggles with anxiety and mental health? We promise you'll gain incredible insights as we sit down with the inspiring Pastor Lance Hahn, who shares candidly about his transformative experiences. Growing up in a Christian home, Pastor Lance speaks powerfully of the profound influence his mother's devoted faith had on him and how witnessing his father's return to faith was a special moment in his journey. We also delve into the significance of unity and diversity among churches, as Pastor Lance shares how this perspective shift has enriched his faith.

Join us as we navigate the often unspoken realm of mental health within the context of faith. Pastor Lance bravely opens up about his encounters with anxiety and panic attacks and how these challenges have deepened his connection to God. Learning to balance faith and daily life while grappling with mental health isn't easy, but Pastor Lance sheds light on this journey. He underscores the importance of honesty and discernment on what conversations are fit for different audiences.

We cap off our enlightening discussion with an uplifting message of understanding and encouragement from Pastor Lance. Drawing from his raw experience with severe burns, Pastor Lance shares how he channeled his pain to inspire others during challenging times. His unique approach of using calm reassurance brings hope to the hopeless, shaped by reform theology that fuels his ministry. As we close, remember these wise words from Pastor Lance - Jesus understands us in ways we're still discovering, and He is not afraid of our fears. Tune in to this enriching episode of Jesus Is All We Need Podcast and gain insights that can shape your faith journey too.

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Meet Your Host
Jason Sautel spent much of his early adulthood as a decorated firefighter in one of the toughest firehouses in the country and today shares Christ-centered stories and lessons from his time there with his 600,000+ Facebook followers. He loves his wife of sixteen years, Kristie, his four two-legged children, and his two four-legged children. He appreciates God’s gifts of donuts, surfing, and Maui.
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