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Baggage Claim: Releasing the Weight We Carry from Relationship Baggage

August 29, 2023
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In this episode, we will discuss how to drop relationship baggage that's been holding us back. Past relationships and childhood trauma create emotional baggage in current relationships. I want to help you move toward releasing that today. We will explore how to identify the types of baggage we have, how they show up in our relationships, and how you release them to move forward. We need to reflect on past experiences and consequent wounds that may contribute to the weight we carry, the things that trigger us and also affect how we navigate relationships. Learn today how to pack light! Now let’s delve into the importance of acknowledging and releasing the weight of our past to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Dana Che is the founder of Thrive Relationships, where she serves as a marriage and relationship coach and host of the Real Relationship Talk podcast. She also serves as a pastor at her church. Whether in the church or on her podcast, Dana's mission is singular: to help people thrive in their relationships with the Lord and with each other.

On Real Relationship Talk, she is known for her graceful candor, humor, and her encouraging yet challenging advice. Dana holds a B.A. in communication from Regent University. She has a fierce passion for fashion and is a lover of all things sparkly. She shares her life with Shaun, her loving husband of twenty-three years, their four amazing children, and their “multi-cultural” dog in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Connect with Dana:
Instagram: @mrsdanache
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