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How Putting Your Kids First Harms Your Marriage (Marriage & Family Series)

August 01, 2023
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How Putting Your Kids First Harms Your Marriage (Marriage & Family Series)

Put your kids first? Nope! Listen to learn what happens when you elevate your children & their activities to where only your spouse belongs. 

If you have children, if you have ever struggled with finding the balance between taking care of your children and nurturing your marriage, well, then friend, this conversation is for you. If you’re Christian, you’ve likely heard of that J-O-Y acronym. Jesus. Others. You. So many of us were raised with this whole idea that you always come last. Everybody is first. You're always last. When you get married, your spouse is first. But then when you have kids, (we don't say this, but we do this), we end up putting our kids even before our spouse. So in many families, this is how it looks. Your kids are first. Your spouse might come in there second. Friends, neighbors, responsibilities, jobs. Third, if you have a relationship with the Lord. He's probably third or fourth in there, somewhere in the mix. And then you are, like, on the bottom, bottom, bottom of the totem pole. And somehow that's supposed to make us feel like we're great mothers or we're great parents. That is so lopsided, and it's so destructive to you, and it’s also destructive to your family. 

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Meet Your Host
Dana Che is the founder of Thrive Relationships, where she serves as a marriage and relationship coach and host of the Real Relationship Talk podcast. She also serves as a pastor at her church. Whether in the church or on her podcast, Dana's mission is singular: to help people thrive in their relationships with the Lord and with each other.

On Real Relationship Talk, she is known for her graceful candor, humor, and her encouraging yet challenging advice. Dana holds a B.A. in communication from Regent University. She has a fierce passion for fashion and is a lover of all things sparkly. She shares her life with Shaun, her loving husband of twenty-three years, their four amazing children, and their “multi-cultural” dog in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

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