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Reframed: The Power of Perspective

with Carley Marcouillier

Reframed: The Power of Perspective Episodes
Why Do We Argue? Exploring the Root of Relational Conflict and Healthy Communication
May 19, 2021 - 24 min
If there is one thing I know we all have in common, it is that we have all experienced relational conflict. Regardless of age, race, gender, religion, our common frame of interpersonal conflict connects us. We are all people who have problems. In most cases, our interpersonal patterns have roots in our family of origin. Our upbringing largely and early experiences significantly impact how we perceive and pursue all other relationships. One way we can begin to explore these patterns is by identifying the roles and rules assigned to us within our families and how they impact our relational and emotional functioning. Within our family system framework, we learn how to communicate, handle stress, cope with strong emotions, and solve conflicts. Reflection Questions that I unpack in this episode: 1. Rules: What were the unspoken rules you lived by in your family of origin? 2. Roles: What was the role(s) you took on in your family of origin? There are 3 overarching areas of our interpersonal relationships that are impacted by our family of origin or our experiences. Carley breaks each of these down: Communication Emotions Conflict … and explains how we can reframe these, using skills and practices found in Scripture, and can begin repairing our relational hurts and renew our outlook on the people around us. Follow Carley: | | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Ponomariova_Maria
Why God’s Promises Are Essential for Reframing Our Thoughts
May 12, 2021 - 24 min
Have you ever felt like God has broken his promises to you? Me too! So how do we trust God when the reality of our experiences makes it hard? Growing up, I had learned about the many promises of God. Yet without even realizing it, I had somehow replaced God’s truth with my faulty perspective. Consequently, the expectations I held lacked substance when my reality seemed to reflect the absence of God’s presence rather than the abundance of His promises. We believe God promises comfort, yet we mourn. We believe God promises peace, yet we worry. We believe God promises hope, yet we feel hopeless. We believe God promises love, yet we experience loss. What have we missed? Where have our perspectives gone wrong? Looking back to God’s Word, we can begin to reframe our shattered views and build a firm foundation for a faith that regulates our feelings while boldly believing in God’s unchanging nature. It’s important that we deconstruct the abstract concept of “God’s promises.” Here is the simple reality: We are promised, Christ. Nothing more, nothing less. ALL of God’s promises throughout Scripture point to the sufficiency and supremacy of the Triune God. Follow Carley: | | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nuthawut Somsuk
3 Places We (Wrongly) Find Our Purpose
April 21, 2021 - 28 min
Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose?” Whether or not you’ve asked that specific question to yourself, all of us seek to figure out that for which we are made. As much as we crave intention and purpose, many of us feel like we lack it or can’t grasp it. And in the Christian culture, sometimes that purpose gets distorted. With those thoughts in mind, Carley starts today’s episode with this question: What motivates you? From there, she uses this question as a roadmap to find purpose and fulfillment. Places We (Wrongly) Find Purpose: 1. The World’s “Do It All” Mentality - While this can feel empowering, it is totally unrealistic. So we’re constantly repeating a pattern of failing and beating ourselves up for it. 2. Christian Works Culture - Also pressures our purpose, emphasizing our works over worship, our service over Christ’s sufficiency. In this context, self-improvement becomes our motivation. This runs contrary to the gospel, which clearly tells us our sanctification is found in and through Christ. The impact is clear: we work on mission and vision without internal transformation. 3. Our Unique Personality - Our unique personalities can pressure our perspectives. Carley discusses the three main types of personality - perfectionism, performance, or passiveness - and how these personalities can warp our purpose. Truth’s Perspective on Purpose: 1. Belonging to Christ 2. Abiding in Christ 3. Bringing Christ glory You can find more on the topic of Purpose on Carley's . Follow Carley: | | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nuthawut Somsuk
What to Do When Our Faith and Feelings Don’t Align
April 20, 2021 - 19 min
A.W. Tozer once stated, “What comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” This is the Power of Perspective. Each of us has a unique outlook that shapes our view of God, ourselves, and the world. A perspective is simply a specific viewpoint. Much like a camera, a perspective is built upon a unique frame, focus, and filter. The most powerful aspect of one’s perspective is that it directly orients their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. The 3 Parts of Our Perspective: 1. A Frame - Much like the frame of the camera, our perspective works within the limitations of the knowledge available to us. It’s within this frame we see only what is within our perception, unaware of what is right outside the border. 2. A Filter - This is our internal bias. This is made up of our past experiences or our personal values, which greatly influence how we see the world, ourselves, others and God. Filters significantly impact our perspective, what is seen or not seen. 3. A Focus - This is the most important aspect of forming our perspective. It is largely influenced by the messages we have received in the past, our formative experiences. Unfortunately, our perspectives are not always grounded in truth and often fueled by distortion, irrational beliefs and distortions. In this first episode of the podcast, Carley shares her own personal journey of faith and her passion for creating connections between biblical theology and the practical steps found in the themes of therapy. If know our perspectives are often distorted, what do we do? How do we realign our faith and our feelings? This is where reframing our thoughts is so vitally important. Carley unpacks how can we begin to do this in our daily lives. Follow Carley: | | Episode Image Credit: Getty/Iland19
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