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How to Find Hope When Pain Overwhelms | Dr. Michelle Bengtson

August 16, 2023
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In this episode, host Jodie Niznik interviews Dr. Michelle Bengtson, an esteemed clinical neuropsychologist, international speaker, and author of "The Hem of His Garment: Reaching Out to God When Pain Overwhelms." 

Here are 3 key takeaways from this inspiring conversation:

1️. Pain is a universal experience: Dr. Bengtson reminds us that pain is a great equalizer, and everyone will experience trials in life. Whether it's physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual pain, we all need support and compassion during these challenging times.

2️. Be present for the pain sufferer: Often, well-meaning friends may unintentionally invalidate someone's pain by offering advice or solutions. Instead, simply being present, acknowledging their suffering, and offering practical assistance can make a profound difference. Let's be a listening ear and a helping hand.

3️. Holding onto hope in difficult seasons: Even when it feels like God is not answering our prayers or working in our lives, we can find inspiration in the story of the woman who touched Jesus' garment. By holding onto faith and reminding ourselves of God's faithfulness and love, we can experience peace and freedom amidst our pain.


Here are a few timestamped highlights from our conversation:

02:59 What does a Neuropsychologist do?

08:51 Dr. Bengtson shares her struggle with depression and how finding healing became a powerful experience for Michelle. Initially shocked by her own battle with depression, she began taking the steps she would typically recommend to her patients - prioritizing rest, nutrition, exercise, therapy, and medication. However, these approaches proved insufficient in alleviating her depression. Michelle realized that she had been neglecting the spiritual aspect of her well-being and needed to address the spiritual roots of her disease.

12:02 Dr. Bengtson and Jodie discuss the meditation passage and how this woman, who had suffered for years, was some of the inspiration for her book.

18:03 Sometimes, God is more concerned about healing our hearts and relationship with Him, even in our pursuit of physical healing. God always knows what's best for us and never withholds anything good from us.

21:10 Dr. Bengtson shares how she has held onto her faith amidst chronic pain and suffering.

25:12 Dr. Bengtson shares how her time away from work helped her reframe her understanding of God’s love for her.

30:28 How can we be present with friends and loved ones in pain? Dr. Bengtson gives this helpful advice: see, value, and care. Be present and avoid hurtful comments.

33:51 Some closing words or comfort for those who are struggling with chronic pain. Dr. Bengtson wants us to remember that Jesus understands your pain and suffering. Don't lose hope. You are not alone in your struggles. Even if you don't have someone in your life who can relate, remember that God understands. Jesus endured great suffering, and through his experiences, he can empathize with us.


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