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How to Live an Unhurried Life | Alan Fadling

January 04, 2023
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Hurry is not a virtue – but we treat it like one. Is it even possible to live differently?
In this conversation with Alan Fadling, we talk about practical ways you can live unhurried.

Jesus had busy days, but he was never hurried. Unhurrying doesn’t mean abandoning your to do list, it just means you’re allowing God to speak into it and help you choose the best yeses.

Alan is the president and co-founder of Unhurried Living, which inspires people to rest deeper, live fuller, and lead better. He speaks and consults internationally. And he is the award-winning author of An Unhurried Leader and An Unhurried Life and his newest book A Year of Slowing Down. He is the coauthor of What Does Your Soul Love? Written with his wife Gem (Who has also been on the podcast – see the links below to listen.)

This podcast goes with our meditation on Psalm 62 which released January 2, 2023 in this feed.

Some highlights from our conversation:

-Alan starts by dispelling the myth that hurry is a virtue. And states hurry costs us more than we think.
-We talk about Jesus as the unhurried Savior. What does it look like for us to follow an unhurried Savior? Jesus invites us to move at the pace of grace.
-Alan unpacks why he believes God invites us to live at the pace of grace and the pace of love.
-Alan dispels another myth – that rest will come when the problem is solved, or the list gets accomplished, or the conflict is resolved. The truth is rest is not out there somewhere – it’s found in God. He is the place of security and provision. (This truth comes directly from the Psalm we meditated on in the previous podcast.)
-Alan challenges us to observe what Jesus says yes to and no to. His values, priorities and decisions may surprise us when we really notice them.
-And lest you think unhurried living means sitting in a recliner binging Netflix, Alan helps us see that unhurried is different than busy. Jesus had busy season and busy days. But he was never hurried.
-Alan gives us a few ways we can start practicing unhurrying – starting our day with 5 minutes of silence and embracing the art of noticing people.

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