So Much More: Creating Space for God (Lectio Divina and Scripture Meditation)
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S3 Ep 2B | Interview with Tim Stevenson on Psalm 103

November 10, 2021
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Tim is a Master Sherpa Executive Coach, author of 11 published books and hundreds of leadership articles. But most importantly to me, he used to be my pastor and has been a mentor and friend to me through the years. I can’t wait for you to hear from him. He is a wealth of biblical insight and knowledge. Take a few minutes to listen to the experience podcast doing Lectio Divina on Psalm 103 and then tune into this interview to hear where God led Tim. Psalm 103 is Tim’s self-professed favorite Psalm and so we have a deep conversation about it because he’s been mining it for years. We talk about how this Psalm is dripping with grace. We also discuss how this Psalm reveals that God knows exactly who we really are - and why that means we need a Savior.   The exact verses read in this podcast are Psalm 103:8-14 in the NIV. You can find Tim and his free leadership articles at And don’t miss his excellent leadership book Better. You can grab a copy here.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Jodie Niznik is a seminary-trained lover of God’s Word who has served in vocational ministry for over twelve years. She helps people create space for God in their lives through her Scripture meditation podcast and equips them to take another step with Jesus through her Real People, Real Faith Bible studies and teaching. You can connect with her at
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