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Janitor Surprise, Walmart Kindness, and Untold Miracle on the Titanic

August 31, 2020
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Enjoy these three inspirational stories of incredible acts of kindness that will surely restore your faith in mankind!

***The Untold Story Of An Incredible Miracle That Took Place Right Before The Titanic Sank***

We've all heard the tragic story of how the unsinkable luxury ship ‘The Titanic' met its fate. But I had never heard this story before! This is the incredible untold Titanic story of one heroic passenger, and how even in the face of the unthinkable, miracles can happen.

***Walmart Employee Returns Lost Wallet Full Of Cash And Is Bewildered When Police Show Up***

When 14-year Walmart employee Rebecca Brown found a wallet full of cash, she didn’t hesitate to do the right thing. So, it came as a surprise to her when the police and a news crew showed up later.

***School Janitor Falls to His Knees After Coworkers Raise $10k So He Won’t Have to Walk to Work***

While beloved school janitor Robert Reed never complained, he was taking 3 buses and walking 2 miles just to get to work every day. So, his coworkers decided to surprise him with enough money to buy a car. And his emotional reaction is what makes this inspirational short story so powerful!

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