Thriving with Chronic Illness
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Episode 11: Thriving with Chronic Illness in Marriage

September 21, 2020
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Chronic illness can put a strain on our relationships, but it can also lead to increased health and intimacy.

In this episode, "Together Through the Storms" co-authors Sarah and Jeff Walton share their journey with Sarah’s illness, how her illness revealed lies that God wanted to replace with truth, and how holding tight to His character and truth has strengthened them individually and as a couple.

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Marriage and Chronic Illness Discussion Questions:
1. How has chronic illness challenged your relationship?
2. Have you discussed those challenges openly and honestly as a couple?
3. If you have discussed those challenges, have those discussions strengthened your relationship, and if so, how?
4. When or how has your experience with chronic illness (yours or your spouse’s) triggered guilt?
5. Is there a lie attached to your guilt?
6. How can surrendering to Christ in the middle of your challenges help eliminate your guilt and your discouragement?
7. How can your marriage, specifically related to all you experience in relation to chronic illness, proclaim Christ and the gospel?

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Meet Your Host
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