Thriving with Chronic Illness
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Episode 2: Dealing with Depression

July 22, 2020
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Chronic illness, for many, leads to depression. For some of us, our depression has a medical cause and might even be a symptom of our illness. Others of us have fallen into a depressive mindset because we’ve lost sight of hope. And still others of us might be battling depression, and anxiety, because we haven’t given ourselves the time and space to grieve.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery discusses the importance of grieving with truth and hope and learning to feel our deepest emotions with Jesus.

Discussion questions:
1. If you struggle with depression, have you determined or investigated whether your depression has a biochemical cause, is a symptom of your illness, stems from lack of hope, or from failure to fully grieve?
2. Have you fully grieved all you’ve lost because of your illness?
3. Do you feel you’ve grieved for as long as is necessary?
4. How can you “feel with Jesus”?
5. What might it look like to grieve in truth?
6. What might it look like to grieve with hope?
7. What thing(s) do you tend to place your hope in?
8. Why is it important to center our hope in Christ rather than health or circumstances?

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Jennifer Slattery, founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, is a multi-published author, national speaker, and speaking coach passionate about helping God's children reach their full potential and live fully surrendered to Christ. She is a host on Your Daily Bible Verse and Faith Over Fear. Find her online at
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