Thriving with Chronic Illness
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Episode 6: Setting Boundaries, Part 2

August 18, 2020
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In order to set boundaries, we must believe we’re worth protecting.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery shares a biblical example of how one woman courageously resisted societal expectations to take the time with Christ she needed and how she handled the aggression that followed.

Jennifer discusses the importance of living with a “team” mentality and how to manage our illness and energy well without feeling the need to explain or defend our actions.

Discussion questions:
1. Pause to consider: Do you believe you are worth protecting?
2. Do you prioritize your rest, and if so how?
3. If you don’t prioritize your rest, why is this?
4. Do you get the rest that your body needs, and if not, why?
5. How often do you own other people’s actions, reactions, and opinions?
6. How often do you allow other people’s poor behavior to pressure or manipulate you into allowing them to cross your boundaries?
7. Does your illness and energy level tend have an ebb and flow, and if so, have you taken the time to estimate how many good (or “better) days you have in a given month?
8. What resonates with you most, in relation to setting boundaries, in the Mary and Martha account?
7. Who is someone you can role play with this week as you practice setting boundaries and/or saying no?

Visit Jennifer online at, find her ministry at, and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Jennifer Slattery, founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, is a multi-published author, national speaker, and speaking coach passionate about helping God's children reach their full potential and live fully surrendered to Christ. She is a host on Your Daily Bible Verse and Faith Over Fear. Find her online at
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