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Micah Lynn Hanson

December 07, 2021
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Micah Lynn Hanson’s new movie A Match Made at Christmas was, fittingly enough, something of a match made in heaven for the rising actress. The movie was filmed in her hometown of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, in her best friend’s childhood home, and Micah got to serve as both the lead actress and associate producer. It was truly an experience of seeing a dream come true in the full circle faithfulness of God.But these mountain top moments for Micah have been far from instantaneous. They’re the result of a lifetime of growth and becoming. Micah’s story begins with a shy, homeschooled kid in Northern Idaho who ultimately found her voice through theater. God has steadily fostered that voice, through the challenges of self-doubt, the pain of chronic illness, and the road out of legalism and into grace. Wherever you are in your own process, this conversation Micah had on Trevor Talks is likely to offer encouragement to lean deeper into community and grace.Follow Micah Lynn Hansen:Website: micahlynnhanson.comFacebook: Micah Lynn HansonInstagram: @micahlynnhansonFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook

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Meet Your Host
Trevor is a 25-year-old from Social Circle, Georgia. Trevor is living his life with a mission set on helping people empower themselves and overcome the hardships in their life. At the age of 17, Trevor went through a season of depression and anxiety and it changed his perspective. The fact that someone's mind can actually affect their everyday life in such a negative way changed his outlook on mental health and started his journey to recovery. After receiving therapy and going deep into his faith He finally found his voice and his message, which is, Fear doesn't own you, anxiety doesn't hold you and that you CAN overcome your hardships with the right mindset and a set path to follow. Trevor shares his message through blogging, making motivational videos, speaking at events and lives his message out as his lifestyle.

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