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Trevor Talks

with Trevor Tyson

Michael Felker of Convictions

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Michael Felker is the voice that leads Convictions, a self-proclaimed “aggressive worship” band that is capturing raw emotion with noise.

Convictions has rapidly risen to be a forerunner in faith-based metalcore with their blistering riffs and vocals and their unafraid approach to some of life’s hardest conversations. With songs about PTSD, suicide, and what it really looks like to live as a person of faith amid mental health struggles, songs like “Moros,” “Hurricane,” “The Price of Grace,” and recent release “Supernova” continually invite listeners to feel intensely heard.

In this episode of Trevor Talks, Michael Felker shares some of the stories that have fueled these aggressive worship songs— stories from his own life, and from friends and fans of the band. It’s a conversation that continues to remind us that no matter what darkness we’ve walked through, we’re not the only one.

If you or someone you love is going through a hard time, find resources through HeartSupport ( and Death2Life (

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July 12, 2022
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Meet Your Host
Trevor is a 25-year-old from Social Circle, Georgia. Trevor is living his life with a mission set on helping people empower themselves and overcome the hardships in their life. At the age of 17, Trevor went through a season of depression and anxiety and it changed his perspective. The fact that someone's mind can actually affect their everyday life in such a negative way changed his outlook on mental health and started his journey to recovery. After receiving therapy and going deep into his faith He finally found his voice and his message, which is, Fear doesn't own you, anxiety doesn't hold you and that you CAN overcome your hardships with the right mindset and a set path to follow. Trevor shares his message through blogging, making motivational videos, speaking at events and lives his message out as his lifestyle.

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