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How God's Word Heals Your Heart

February 01, 2023
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Need to experience heart healing? 

Whether isolation, rejection, distress, or unexpected circumstances, everyone has encountered issues that left a hole in their heart. 

Join Rachel in episode 46, How God's Word Heals Your Heart, and discover:

  • how to embrace a willingness and desire to heal
  • what to remember to do when things feel out of control
  • what to know about the moment-by-moment process of healing

Walk through Psalm 107 with Rachel as she explains the stories of this psalm and how you, too, can embrace God's healing hand on your heart.

Restore Me from Hurting to Healing: 31 Days of Embracing God's Healing Hand on Your Heart Paperback

Restore Me from Hurting to Healing: 31 Days of Embracing God's Healing Hand on Your Heart Digital Download

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Rachel Wojo is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and podcaster. The ideal desperate pray-er to shed light on asking God questions, Rachel’s journey includes losing her mother to leukemia, her adult special needs daughter to a rare neurologically-degenerative disease, and her father to illness. As an entrepreneur living in Columbus, Ohio, she self-started and developed a blog to business platform over the last decade. She hosts Bible reading challenges on her popular blog, rachelwojo.com, which rallies readers of all ages to search God’s Word for solutions to life’s problems. Her biblical approach and life circumstances influence women to find strength and hope in everyday situations.

Rachel is the author of One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up. She is a public speaker and contributor to well-known faith-based publications for many companies. Mostly, Rachel is crazy in love with Matt, mom to six on earth and two in heaven.
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